February 27, 2024

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The 36-year-old Amrabad, who has been burning to leave, may get a new contract

The 36-year-old Amrabad, who has been burning to leave, may get a new contract

How did last summer’s fugitive, Nordin Amrabat, become today an important link in Matias Almeida’s competitive chain and the prospect of a new contract with AEK.

It was one of the summer series of his residency or not Nordin Amrabad in Eck. The Moroccan had expressed, since last January, his desire to leave Greece to return to the Netherlands (only) due to a serious family problem he was facing.

At some point he was adamant, pushed and tried for his part to divorce, but always through discussion and not by extreme actions.

But for AEK, the international wing remained a very dangerous card. The team made it clear to him that there was no way they would let him go unless there was a serious offer to buy him, while his desire to stay was strengthened when he took the reins of the Federation by Matthias Almeida.

The Argentine is the central person in this story, for when the affair came to a head and the rift between the two sides was evident, it was he who, through conversation with the footballer, gave him the greatest insight into what was going on. ready to create.

Not only was Amrabad suffering from his family problem, he was also suffering from lack of motivation to stay in the team.

He was disappointed with what he went through during his first season in Greece and thought if he stayed at AEK he would face one of the same.

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This is a club in complete dysrhythmia, introversion, bad atmosphere and cluttered changing rooms. That was Almeida’s moment of intervention.

The discussions with the Argentine coach were good, the role he was considering assigning him, a fundamentally game-changing role – no matter how things develop now – he found acceptable, while from the moment he was looking for he did not appear in the Netherlands and joined the second part of the preparation AEK, he started living something different day by day.

Almeida’s strong presence and personality convinced him that things would be completely different compared to the previous season, so he also calmed down, accepted the situation and started working with a clear mind for the current season.

Always strong in training, a beast at 36

It should be noted here that the Moroccan – with 4 goals, 3 assists and a penalty kick won in the league this year – has always been an excellent professional, even during the period when he wanted to leave.

With a clouded mind and a will to escape with strength, some might ship it to the rooster. He was the first to train and always worked in the red.

Something continues to do to this day and on the 36th – in March it closes and turns 37! It gives you the impression that he can play two games in a row.

Strong, quick, always capable of individual handling and above all fully committed to the tactical needs of the plan adopted by the coach.

Now, if he strains the ball a little more, as many people mutter on the field, what should we do? It’s not perfect…

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There, where we were talking about a player who seemed lost to AEK, we’re now getting into a renewal discussion.

With what Almeida sees, it is impossible not to want him for next season, even as a player who will mainly come from the bench, but at the same time have the ability to perform as he should when called upon. It must be a start.

His physical condition and stamina are beyond description, he is one of those players who are fanatical about their work, who are very careful with their life and their body, which is why even today at the age of thirty-six, he has a good condition that many young people envy.

Needless to say, he must also desire it, and the desire to return to Holland left his mind and outgrew his stay at AEK.

However, everyone at the club, the management and the coaching staff, appreciate his method of work and his dedication. In a season that will see more matches, but also a return to European competitions, more footballers will be required.

It is also a motivation for Amrabad himself in the era when he would play such European matches. Few have such opportunities at the age of 36, besides, he deserves it.