July 14, 2024

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Laura Narges: The trip with her son to Germany! My mom grew up on this street.

Laura Narges: The trip with her son to Germany!  My mom grew up on this street.

the Laura Narges In August she decided to travel to Germany with her only son. Alexander.

She wanted to spend her birthday this year with her family and friends.

In fact, as long as Laura Narges She is in Germany, reminiscing about her childhood, as her father’s house is there.

On the afternoon of Saturday, August 19th Laura Narges She posted a post on her personal Instagram account and wrote a cute text.

in one of the pictures, Laura Narges She showed us the walk she took with her son in the neighborhood where she grew up.

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Laura Narges position

“My mother grew up in this street, Alexander. This is the place where you used to play bassol with your grandfather and badminton. This is the place where you used to come when you came home from school tired from so much studying. Here my friends were waiting for me to meet and go for a walk On foot, not that there were as many options as in a big city, but we didn’t care at all, and we didn’t know we cared.Then my mom left, all of a sudden, all of a sudden, I left my whole life there, to pursue my dreams in the big city, Athens. And there I came to beautify my life with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Today the fifth tooth erupted, you understand what unique smile we are talking about, “she wrote Laura Narges.

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Check out her post.

*External image source: Instagram @lauranarjes

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