June 21, 2024

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Stavrola Cressidi in hospital

Stavrola Cressidi in hospital

Found in the hospital Stavrola CressidiAs she announced via her personal account on Instagram.

The former Survivor player was diagnosed with coronavirus and posted a photo with the thermometer to inform her online friends that she had a fever, then posted a new blog post revealing that she too was hospitalized.

“After the photo you posted, the truth is that I’ve had too many messages and I can’t answer them all. Apparently I have coronavirus. I had a fever that reached 39 this morning and generally my temperature doesn’t go down. It decreases a little, but it doesn’t go down. It seems like I got stuck because I’ve had this cough for so long and because my body was so tired I didn’t sleep well.

I haven’t been able to sleep at all for about 10 days. I seem to be stuck now these days. Quarantine begins, the first day at home. I have also informed everyone I’ve been around for the past few days.” Stavroula Cressidi stated that the blood tests and chest X-rays were very good and there was no other problem.

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