February 27, 2024

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Layers of Fear: See the incredibly beautiful graphics of Unreal Engine 5 in the new trailer!

Layers of Fear: See the incredibly beautiful graphics of Unreal Engine 5 in the new trailer!

At the beginning of summer, fans of horror titles will have the opportunity to enjoy the Layers of feargames that are highly highlighted Bloober teamwhich has now also remade Silent Hill 2. Specifically, at the same time as reimagining the Konami game, the team is also working on Layers of fear.

The Polish studio’s new project is described as a “first-person psychedelic period horror” that focuses on intense exploration and immersive storytelling and promises to “redefine” horror. In particular, it will retell the stories of Layers of Fear, Layers of Fear: Inheritance, and Layers of Fear 2, with a new game direction and a significantly upgraded technical area.

A new trailer titled “Unreal Engine 5 Tech Showcase” stands specifically for these upgrade technologies. It invites players to rediscover the stories of artists enslaved by their obsessions, thanks to the cutting-edge transformative technologies of Unreal Engine 5. Among other things, Layers of Fear will support Ray Tracing and the Lumen lighting system, to deliver an immersive and bloody horror experience. At the same time, the Niagara system will be used for richer and more realistic particle effects, as well as many other mechanisms and developments of Unreal Engine 5.

As you can see in the next trigger, the end result is almost unrecognizable.

Layers of Fear is expected to be released in June 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Of course, it will also be available on PC, through the Steam digital store and the Epic Games store.

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