July 14, 2024

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Liagas to Kotsilinis: “Ask an apology, what’s left is hamburgers, everyone laughs” (video)

Liagas to Kotsilinis: “Ask an apology, what’s left is hamburgers, everyone laughs” (video)

Giorgos Liagas did not leave Zeina Kotselinis’ new position in the Apostolos Lytras case unaddressed.

Its new location Xenas Kotselinis After the uproar that broke out because of what was reported on her program about his case Apostolou Litracommented S George Liagas.

He tried to make amends, saying that what he said had been distorted, and he did not mean to say that. She said something about the hamburger she was deprived of as a child. Many people have been deprived of basic things and love“, he confirmed at first George Liagas.

Zeina came out yesterday and said how charitable she is and how much she helps people, without bragging about it. I also heard this, that Ms. Kotselini has already helped a lot of people without exaggerating, which is an honor and well done to her and a thousand congratulations. When warping occurs, when you are exposed to long hours every day, warping will also occur, and error will also occur. The rest of our lives fade away, Zeina, in the face of that momentary mistake. And there will be everyone who hates you, everyone who envies you, everyone who thinks they are right and you are wrong, and original sin will be charged upon you at that moment.“, added his host Ants1.

At that time, it would be more honest to come out and say: “I made a mistake,” as a journalist, as a humanitarian. Apologize and move on. They will break you for a week and it will be over. From coming out and not apologizing and targeting everyone and saying everyone else is doing something wrong. Who am I to give you advice? I became a CEO and presenter. I was just an employeeThen he confirmed.

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Give yourself advice. Your solution, what’s left is the hamburger that went viral on TikTok and everyone is laughing. On the sets yesterday they said “let’s send 15 cheeseburgers to the show tomorrow” you don’t deserve that either. Sorry is not bad, and forgiveness is greater.”completed by closing George Liagas.