April 18, 2024

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Live – Municipal elections in Turkey: Erdogan’s triple defeat – the opposition’s leadership expands (71% merger)

Live – Municipal elections in Turkey: Erdogan’s triple defeat – the opposition’s leadership expands (71% merger)

Leading the opposition in the three largest municipalities Official results appear on Turkish municipal elections Which developed into a victory for the Republican People's Party.

The victory of the main opposition Republican People's Party candidates for mayor in Constantinople And anchorThis is based on some results, according to Agence France-Presse.

At 22:30 on Sunday, Turkish opposition candidates continued to expand their lead Constantinople And anchorAccording to the individual results announced by the official media.

Specifically, in more than 71% of vote integration, Outgoing Mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoglu He won 50.4% of the votes compared to 40.9% for his opponent.

In the Ankara, Mayor Mansur Yavaş He was ahead with 58.6% of the votes, compared to 33.5% for his competitor with 46.4%. Java even declared its victory, thanking the people of the city. “The elections are over, and we will continue to serve Ankara and its six million residents without discrimination,” he said.

There was a Kemalist tone in the speech, with chants in favor of Kemalist Turkey, that is, chants praising Kemal Ataturk.

With analytics and direct communications on it ertnews.gr Broadcasts developments to Municipal elections in turkey. In his studio ERT News the Dimitris Kotarides And Apostle Magyriades Present the next day in our neighboring country.

ERT journalists, Yannis Mandalidis And Pyrrhus Janitakos It conveys the atmosphere from the electoral centers of the wrestlers, Ekrem Imamoglu And Murat KurumFor the municipality of Constantinople.

in Smyrna the Camille Tugay The Republican People's Party leads Hamzadag by 11 points. “I think it's the beginning of a new era. There are very similar results in some of our areas. However, even at its worst, it is clear that more territory will be ours than beforeTogay said.

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He said this evening (Sunday 3/31) that “voters chose to change the face of Turkey” after 22 years of rule by the conservative Islamic Justice and Development Party. Leader of the Social Democratic Republican People's Party (CHP)From the main opposition formation.

He added, “They wanted to open the door to a new political climate in our country.” Ozgo OzilHis party is achieving a series of victories in major Turkish cities, including Istanbul and the capital, Ankara.

Erdogan's party appears to be losing strength at the national level as wellAccording to the votes obtained by the parties in the primary elections, it comes in second place after the Republican Party.

Live results here

Imamoglu vs. Corum: the clash of two different worlds

The election result is the result of the votes of more than 10 million Istanbul residents It will be shaped by the political conditions within it turkey For the coming years.

This is a big leap for ImamogluBecause his victory meant that he was able to mobilize different audiences, outside the narrow core of the Republican People's Party.

It's worth a stop Youth vote There are hundreds of thousands of people who voted today for the first time, an element that also highlights the ongoing demographic explosion in Turkey that one becomes aware of if one walks through the city streets.

Imamoglu wants to create a new voter base Which in the near future will serve as a counterweight to millions of fanatical supporters of President Erdogan.

Live - Municipal elections in Turkey: Erdogan’s triple defeat - the opposition’s leadership expands (71% merger)
(AP Photo/Ali Onal)

Imamoglu's profile

Ekrem Imamoglu, 53 years old Self-management professionThe current mayor of Istanbul, who broke the dominance of the Ertnuğan Party in 2019, is a Kemalist, a member of the Republican Party, the main political opponent of the Turkish president, and the only one who was able to defeat him in the elections. Murat Kurum is a 48-year-old young man, but… An old man in the “yard” of Erdogan’s presidency.

the Ekrem Imamoglu He is now considered the most powerful politician to emerge from the Kemalist opposition camp in the past twenty years and the only potential rival to Erdogan. In the previous municipal elections of 2019 After 25 years, it was able to become the largest municipality in Türkiye, Istanbul. It was a shock to Erdogan.

Before the polls on March 31, 53-year-old Ekrem Imamoglu had only one choice: to run again for Istanbul mayor, with the possibility of winning. To emerge as a leader And on a larger scale, the Turkish opposition, which twice stood up to Erdogan. for this purpose, He resigned last year from running for leadership of the Republican People's PartyThis was after the defeat of then party leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu in the presidential elections last year.

Ekrem Imamoglu was born in Aksabat-Platan-Trabzon, spent his teenage years in his hometown, then studied business administration and engineering at Istanbul University. He also obtained a master's degree in human resources management.

Live - Municipal elections in Turkey: Erdogan’s triple defeat - the opposition’s leadership expands (71% merger)
(AP Photo/Ali Onal)

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