June 23, 2024

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Macarons with Tsipras, Mitsotakis recipe

Macarons with Tsipras, Mitsotakis recipe

Written by Kostas Stupas

1) Macarons with Tsipras, Mitsotakis recipe

The French president is one of the few who dared to take up the challenge of growing populism in Europe. On the night of the European elections, in which Marine Le Pen’s party suffered a crushing defeat, he announced the dissolution of Parliament and announced the holding of early parliamentary elections.

The momentum gained by the Le Pen faction and the rise of the Socialists, coupled with the decline of the faction supporting Macron, portends a victory for the opposition in the new National Assembly.

The Le Pen government, along with some of its cronies, will have to live with a president like Macron in a system in which the president has increasing powers.

In essence, Macron appears to be throwing the ball of decay that entails administering power to the Le Pen faction, which in recent decades has been the champion of the vault in French political life, without ever assuming governmental power.

The French president is betting that Le Pen’s position will deteriorate over the next two or three years, increasing her chances of losing in the 2027 presidential elections.

In this area, the Greek experience of the rise and fall of “ethnic populists” in the past decade is invaluable. After his rapid rise and brief lapse in power in the four-year period 2015-2019, he was “lost” politically and morally.

ANEL has disappeared and SYRIZA has become a “funny” party in order to maintain second place after turning into a kind of post-political experiment and… a funny tragedy.

“Populists” of both left and right, with several doses of conspiracy theories, are gaining ground at a time when the West is at a critical turning point and is offering simplistic, easy-to-understand solutions to complex problems.

The task of solving complex problems practically dispels the myths that surround them, as their connection with reality remains destructive.

The rapid rise and fall of “ethnic populism” in Greece has led to its demystification and the emergence of a state of absolute political dominance by Kyriakos Mitsotakis even as he registered significant losses.

This is the call that the French president appears to be adopting after the landslide victory achieved by Le Pen’s party yesterday.

Macron has expressed a fairly clear vision for Europe’s future. He believes in a dose of liberalization of the protected economy in order to enhance innovation and competitiveness.

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In contrast to the “ethnic populists” who promote the strengthening of nation-states at the expense of the European Union. It encourages greater economic, political and defense integration of Europe in order to cope with the age of great powers of planetary size.

The challenge that Macron poses to Marine Le Pen is essentially a challenge to a whole wave of “ethnic populism” rising on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the next 2-3 years we will know the result

2) If nothing changes, the same things will always happen.

Good evening, Kostas

Recently, several tragic incidents have occurred where young people – mostly young men – have lost their lives due to criminal negligence/indifference to the broader state machinery. As evidence:

27-year-old soldier Nikos Gatsis He breathed his last shortly after undergoing surgery in a military hospital, despite initial assurances that “everything was going well.” Death was caused by internal bleeding. It later emerged that the vein had been stitched twice, while the artery, which had not even been stitched, had been cut.

Government hospital doctors gave illegal discharge – According to the Supreme Court ruling – a 16-year-old patient died within three days. The young man fell into a coma while he was already in the hospital, but the treating doctors decided to stop his admission to the hospital and issue his disputed discharge.

Kyriaki Grefa, 28, was killed Outside Agioi Anargyro Police Station, while speaking on the phone to 100 people.

All of this is no less tragic than the incident in Tempe. The parents of these children do not suffer either. Why don’t we take all of these seriously, even though they add up, since all these new kids didn’t die at the same time to make the tragedy more “seen”? I do not believe that the losses resulting from the Tempe accident should be minimized, but rather all the individual losses resulting from accidents like the above should be highlighted.

But all these incidents, whether individual or mass deaths, have a common denominator: the absence of competence, organization, discipline and adherence to procedures in all state mechanisms. I leave the rest aside (as a matter of course) and focus on procedures (which need to be followed more than they exist), which often seem like an unnecessary and even annoying element that has no real importance. But the purpose of following procedures is specifically to reduce errors. Come to think of it, in all cases, following procedures – which usually exist – could have saved lives. We know that also in the Tempe incident, a series of procedures were violated by train drivers and station managers. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that the responsibilities are limited to them alone (as are those who wish to be misunderstood).

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We only care about those directly concerned who suffer the loss of their loved ones and those scoundrels who find an opportunity to serve their partisan purposes. And I say we don’t care because, outside of any anger or verbal/voting protests, we do not support or even support changes that would help reduce such tragedies (not to mention our tolerance for the various unions that fight any change). Where is the struggle, protests and suffering to implement the measures that were not implemented that led to the two trains colliding? Unless we are more concerned with punishing those responsible than making sure something like this never happens again.

Normal people identify the causes that led to the error and take care to eliminate them. What has changed in this country since some tragedy? A mentally ill cop shot a minor, and they started doing psychological tests at regular intervals – at least – everyone with a gun? People in Mati were burned alive because some illegally built a blockade on the road to the sea, so was there any demolition, or anything (not exclusive to Mati) to restore access to the sea? The answer to any such question is no.

Of course, the bulk of the responsibility always falls on those in power. But when someone interacts, e.g. In evaluating civil servants, does he not individually bear a small share of responsibility for the prevailing situation? One thing the philosophies of the world and of all times have in common is that they ask you to focus on your own assumptions. But, like true spoiled brats, we always have someone else to blame. Well, we should blame others too, but who do we blame? No place and nothing? We want to change as long as we do not change ourselves at all. We want the system to work while supporting the same things that make the system work wrong. Well, that’s not how things work. You can’t have a whole pie and a full dog.

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Let us keep this in mind: As long as something does not change in this country, as long as we fall behind in meritocracy, organization, discipline and adherence to procedures, lives will be tragically lost. So we don’t look shocked and angry every time.


Alexander Angeles

3) Because things will get worse

Mr. Stopa,

Regarding the rise of the right in the European Union, the citizens of Europe did not wake up one day and decide to abandon the Green and Left parties in order to vote for the (anti-establishment) right.

When Mrs. Merkel, for example, violates every concept of the law and comes out with the phrase “all are welcome” in the media, under a political pretext, in order to send the message that Germany has left behind the Nazi past and is now different, without asking for it, people think, living… In Germany where I live, since the laws (regarding EU borders and human trafficking) exist and must be adhered to (unlike us), it stands to reason that he would at some point react and vote for the AfD.

Another phenomenon that has shaped right-wing empowerment in the West is the “wake and cancel” culture.

In other words, when you are discouraged from expressing your opinion publicly, because you will be considered far-right, racist, fascist, homophobic, etc., the voter’s only way out is to express any dissatisfaction secretly, on the ballot. Box. If there had been a democratic and fruitful discussion of all these issues in societies, the opinion of those with valid and practical interests would have been taken into account, and we would not have arrived here.

The culture of eliminating us here has awakened (Studien Haben Auch Gesiecht, Dass Menschen, Wenn Sie Ihre Meinungen Nicht Frei äustern Können, Ihre meinungen stichter verteigen und sich stichter für ihre meinung eintzen, zu einer einer indren kann kann kann kann kann kann kann kann kann (Shanahan, 2005), Our democracies are self-emasculating, and are self-limiting.

In other words, we are moving further and further away from the famous “I don’t agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say what you say” and we will suffer the consequences.


Stavros Argyriadis

[email protected]