June 2, 2023

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Spain: Five Komodo dragons born at Fuengirola Zoo – Newsbomb – News

Spain: Each carnivorous reptile, which today weighs less than a lemon, is expected to reach a weight of 70 kilograms and a length of 2.5 meters.

five the Dragon to apartment She was born in her zoo fuengirola, In the first successful attempt to breed the world’s largest lizard – an endangered species – in a decade Spain.

“This is a great achievement for all of us,” He said today in Reuters the Milagros Robledo, Head of the Department of Herpetology Zoo Ha fuengirola, which calls itself the “mother” of Komodo dragons.

the 13-year-old Ora She laid twelve eggs last year August. Five of them were selected and then hatched in an incubator seven months.

“It was an amazing feat, tiring and time consuming, but it gave us great satisfaction.”Al said robledo, Arguing that the future of endangered species is auspicious optimistic.

Each carnivorous reptile, which today weighs less than a lemon, is expected to weigh 70 kg and 2.5 in length meters.

the parents From newborns to mating 24 June, Saint’s Day Ioannis in Spain, And the first the Dragon to apartment orchestrated “christened” Juanito.

in the wild nature, Newborns the Dragon to apartment They avoid moving on the ground, preferring the tops of trees and are independent from a very young age. However, in captivity, they are housed in isolation so that vets can monitor their development, before they are taken to the sanctuary where the large reptiles are kept and introduced to the public.

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the 2021 the the Dragon to Komodo Joined “red list” from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, where it is estimated to be fair 1,500 reptiles of these species exist today on the planet.

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