July 18, 2024

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Major theater chains have turned everyone who saw Batman into a clown

Major theater chains have turned everyone who saw Batman into a clown


Photo: Jonathan Ollie / Warner Bros.

Last week, AMC Theaters teased a lot of upset shots from movie fans after CEO Adam Aaron. It was announced that the company would raise ticket prices for Batmansomething I point out was completely normal in “European theaters” (ooh la la) and is really common in America for sporting events, concerts, and live theater anyway (because buying sports tickets, concert tickets, theater tickets is always painless, isn’t it? ). “How could he do this?” We screamed, and our delicate little hearts were startled by the apparent level of greed. Does he not realize that this is a very short-sighted way to make money, and that it indicates that he pays little, if any, attention to his customers?

Well, the joke We all have, it seems, because Batman made Lots of money this weekendAnd, an unusually large part of that came from AMC. As the company boasted today (Across The Hollywood Reporter), its theaters accounted for 29 percent of Batmanmarket share, which is more than usual (although we don’t know how much), and eight of the top 10 theaters in the country this past weekend were owned by AMC.

Basically, a little AMC trial to see if people would notice or care that they were paying an extra $1.50 with no reason Decide exactly how the company wants it. But wait, because there’s a more tricky angle to this chart: THR He also says Cinemark and Regal Cinemas, the other two biggest chains, also They raised their up Batman Ticket prices. They did it without telling anyone! Oh, and they also did it for Spider-Man: There is no room for homeAnd the No one noticed or cared!

Congratulations to everyone who was excited to be back in cinemas after the pandemic: You idiot! you thought Nicole Kidman cares about “magically” theaters? She just wanted your money! She’s swimming in a big tub like Scrooge McDuck now!

But movie theaters raising prices is nothing new, and it’s not the most offensive thing here. That would be the fact that AMC is running this game – and utter Aaron rejoices at its success. In a statement, he claimed that last weekend was “AMC’s third biggest weekend in over two full years,” as if we’re not talking about the same AMC that had to admit in December of 2020 that You won’t live for another month. The same AMC that still exists today only because He was able to get some cash at the last minute Assuming people will want to go back to theaters one day. How are the returnees thanked? By charging them more money.

Then again, at least AMC does it to your face. Maybe what Cinemark and Regal did was worse, but we didn’t After every step that CEOs take During the past two years out of keen interest and passion for the presence of cinemas. This is on us, though. We should have assumed that the CEO would do what CEOs do: increase profits as much as possible, even if it means taking advantage of people and making the customer experience worse and worse.

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