July 22, 2024

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Mallorca: “Under terror”

Mallorca: “Under terror”

A man has been arrested in Mallorca for keeping his stepdaughter as a sex slave since 2019.

The minor has been living a nightmare for five years, with the case coming to light on Friday 5/24.

The man is accused of sexually exploiting the child. As the local authorities stated in their statement, the assault began in 2019 when the girl was 12 years old, and continued until she turned 17 years old in 2024.

The man pretended to be a philanthropist and said that he was looking to marry a woman to provide her and her daughters with a better life in Spain, so he married the victim’s mother.

Video from the authorities’ operation:

According to what was reported by Spanish media, the perpetrator, who did not have a criminal record until recently, traveled to an African country in 2015 in order to adopt a girl, but he faced bureaucratic procedures. He eventually found the girl’s mother and promised her a better life in Mallorca. The woman accepted his proposal, they had a sham marriage and she and her daughter moved in with him.

The couple separated in 2019 and the mother moved into her own apartment, but her 12-year-old daughter stayed with the 49-year-old, as he suggested that would “take better care of the girl” and make it easier for her. For her to bring other sisters from the African country. The mother, who trusted him, agreed.

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Thus, the man took advantage of this situation to sexually enslave the girl, who was then 12 years old. “He kept her under complete control and oppression at all times and threatened to return her and her mother to their country of origin. Therefore, despite her fear, she obeyed,” local media reports.