June 25, 2024

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Unbelievable but true: The part of the body that survives years after we die – Newsbomb – News

Unbelievable but true: The part of the body that survives years after we die – Newsbomb – News

An amazing discovery about what happens to our bodies after we die

They have made a great discovery Researchers at the University of Tennessee, Where they discovered the part of our body that remains alive after we die.

In particular, they discovered that the microbiome in each person’s gut remains alive and active. It is a complex community, full of various bacteria, viruses, fungi and microbes that inhabit the body and remain active even after our tissues decompose.

This is also why burying the dead benefits the local environment, as they act as “recycling” mechanisms, feeding hundreds of species of organisms.

The biologists replicated the body’s decomposition process in the laboratory by combining samples of microbes that live in the intestines and a type of soil often found in cemeteries.

As it turns out, these communities of microorganisms continued to live even after their oxygen supply was cut off, feeding on proteins, fats and carbohydrates stored in tissues.

Not only did the microbiome survive the death of the “host,” it was able to mix with the community of microorganisms present in the soil, accelerating the decomposition process and “turning the body into a recycling factory, allowing new life to flourish.”

In fact, the distinct odor of a decomposing corpse is actually caused by bacteria that feed on an energy-producing process that does not require oxygen.

“As organic nutrients in our bodies can be exploited, the microorganisms that live in our bodies are increasing in numbers. The large population means that there is an increased chance that at least some of them will survive outside, in the harshest environment, and find Successfully reincarnated.

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“Utilizing carbon and nutrients in your body allows [microbes in the body] To increase their numbers.