February 22, 2024

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Mammoth withdrawal in neighboring Italy – any driver receives a reward of up to 13,750 euros

Mammoth withdrawal in neighboring Italy – any driver receives a reward of up to 13,750 euros

The Italian government plans to provide a helping hand to citizens who wish to vote on confidence in electricity.

a Actions amounting to 930 million euros Looks like she has it on her agenda italian government, To encourage owners of old cars gasoline And diesel To “sacrifice” the ninth on the altar of obtaining one electric car, According to Bloomberg.

The measure being considered by the Ministry of Industry will include financial incentives of up to 13.750 eurosThis is so that citizens can The annual income under 30,000 eurosto abandon old Euro 2 cars that are more than 20 years old, in order to buy new electric cars.

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According to a document obtained by Bloomberg, the goal of the program is: Conversion of the Italian 9th FleetIt is one of the oldest in Europe and consists of at least 11 million Euro 3 or fewer cars.

The business plan will reportedly be presented at a government meeting with auto industry executives.

Italy: Increase in car sales, decrease in speeds in the electricity sector

In Italy New car sales rose 19% in 2023To reach 1.57 million, according to official figures issued by the Ministry of Transport last Tuesday.

On the contrary, Electrical performance In the country only It does not cause satisfaction. Especially since the share of these cars is lower compared to other major European economies.

Italy cars

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Meanwhile, at the European level, they are starting to do so Clouds thicken above electrifying. After several years of explosive growth in electric vehicle sales, there are signs Delay penetration them in the European market.

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In this context, some car manufacturers, including… audi, It seems he decided so Reducing their expansion rates In the electricity market in an attempt to avoid burdening factories and traders.

As Bloomberg adds, finally, European Union It is considered unlikely to succeed they Objectives For electricity at the end of the contract, if the block is not optimized Its industrial policy Automakers won't be able to offer cheaper electric cars anytime soon.

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