July 23, 2024

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Marie Chronopoulou: Spyros Pipila revealed the funeral of the great actress

Marie Chronopoulou: Spyros Pipila revealed the funeral of the great actress

Marie Chronopoulou’s funeral may be delayed for bureaucratic reasons due to the absence of relatives who will receive the body of the successful actress from the hospital, but it seems that all the procedures have already been planned.

As revealed by the head of the Greek Actors Union, Spyros Pypilas, Marie Chronopoulou left a paper in which she gave her final farewell orders. Specifically, she signed an advertisement explaining everything: from the cremation process to the dress she wanted to wear.

“Mary always told us that she had prepared everything, left the paper and that she knew how this whole process would go. That is why the standard funeral, the church funeral, will not take place, because he did not want that. There will be a very small civil funeral,” Spyros Pypilas noted, explaining his reasons. Holding the funeral in a closed circle.

Mary Chronopoulou planned every last detail of her funeral, with friends saying they would respect her final wishes

“We will honor exactly what Mary wanted, because that’s the only way you can honor someone’s memory. If you disobey what he said, that’s like damaging a person’s memory,” the SEH president added.

What Mary Chronopoulou asked for

In the paper she left behind, Mary Cronopoulou requested that her funeral be performed in a white, rectangular coffin, which would have an angel carved on the lid.

According to information, her ashes will be placed in a memorial that she had requested to be built in the courtyard of the house in Peña. In fact, one of her last wishes was for the monument to be inscribed: “Mary Chronopoulou. Actor. He loved children.”

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It is worth noting that the dress in which Mary Chronopoulou will be buried is the one she wore during her appearance – after 20 years of disability – at the big party for Mikis Theodorakis in Alexandroupoli.