November 30, 2023

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Katerina Licho: “I wish I had come of age on time

Katerina Licho: “I wish I had come of age on time

Katerina Licho was a guest of Grigoris Arnautoglou on “The 2NightShow” on Monday evening, October 9. The beloved actress, who this year participated in the movie “Magissa” on ANT1, spoke about her husband, with whom she has been together for 16 years, but also about the price she paid, because she was late in leaving her parents’ home and family comfort.

“When I was under my family’s roof, it was a heavy price because I was too late to grow up and become a man. But well I paid that price. I hope I came of age on time and not too late. I left home at 34-35 years old “It’s too late, this is not right, this is not healthy,” Katerina Licho said.

“Not making concessions and being able to say no. I have to leave early and have the courage to secure this money another way. I won’t do things I don’t like, so I’ll do something else. But this solution worked for me, and it was easier with its difficulties because of your lack of things. And when “I left my parents and was home with the boxes for a year.”

She then admitted that she sleeps for 8 hours, follows a good diet, and exercises to maintain her fit body.

Referring to her personal life, Katerina Licho emphasized: “I have a resistance to things. I don’t do anything if I don’t want to, I try to be myself. In my professional career, I have always followed my instinct without any opponent. The secret of staying with my husband for 16 years is that we “We never stopped caring about our relationship. I believe in the evil eye, it’s energy. Something can go wrong from the evil eye. Energies are around us, what matters is how strong we are to protect ourselves.”

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Referring to the violent events, the beloved actress said: “After prison, there is violence. It was as if the kettle was boiling and then the lid was suddenly lifted. You see deep brutality. Someone would kill for a parking space. The truth is that we are under pressure, we are under pressure, and many things happen, but if all these things do not make us more human but make us monsters then the road is not good.”