July 14, 2024

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Marinakis took on the responsibility of Petros Philippidis.

Marinakis took on the responsibility of Petros Philippidis.

For the second year, after the highly acclaimed Petros Filippidis case, the comedy series “50-50” has returned to our TV sets repeatedly. Following the allegations of rape and attempted rape and the actor and director’s pretrial detention, the channels have stopped broadcasting reruns of the series he was part of.

“50-50,” starring a first-time actor sentenced to eight years in prison for two attempted rapes, is a MEGA Classics regular and will return to the air at 11:10 p.m., despite the backlash its 2018 TV return provoked. Summer 2023.

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The rerun of the series last year caused a split among the audience, with comments and posts on Twitter “criticism.” Many wrote that they could not bear to watch the episodes even for a while, even though before the Filipidi case they had seen the brilliance of the TV diamond on the program “50-50.”

Speaking to OPEN, series director Vassilis Thomopoulos commented on the return of “50-50” last year, saying: “I’m not focusing this series on Petros Philippidis. Obviously, he was one of the most important people in the series, but there were other actors who had the right and were happy to see a great series being shown again. I think this ban has frozen a great series that did well and that people loved a lot.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Thomopoulos noted of Petros Philippidis that “repeating 50-50 doesn’t wash him of anything. He won’t be saved and he won’t sell his temperament. Repeating the series won’t sanctify Peter.”

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Petros Philippidis is in critical condition – ‘He cannot leave Athens’

His trial was adjourned to November 11 by the Mixed Court of Appeal. Petro Philippidis For both of them rape attempts At the expense of his colleagues, which are the actions for which the actor is primarily responsible. I have been convicted Up to 8 years suspended.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case, accepting the relevant request from the lawyers of Petros Filippidis, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos and Kikis Bakirtzidou. The prosecutor of the bench had previously requested that the request of the actor’s lawyers for an adjournment be accepted, pointing out that the impediment presented by the lawyers (their appearance in other trials in the province) was justified. On the contrary, the prosecution lawyer, Haris Salustros, asked the court Consider the request to stop the trial, not postpone it.“We want to end the trial, every time the traumas are revived,” the lawyer said on behalf of his client and the sufferer. In the end, the trial was postponed, and the decision to postpone was taken by the majority.

It is noteworthy that in the first instance court, Petros Philippidis was convicted beyond reasonable doubt of the first and most serious charge of continuous rape that he faced, but he was convicted of the two attempted rapes and will be tried again for them.

The decision of the Court of First Instance was issued in February 2023 and was implemented. 8 years in prison for the actor On the two acts for which he was convicted. The court even rejected the actor’s request to be recognized. Two lightening agents But I gave it to him comment Serving his sentence pending appeal.

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Petros Philippidis will not leave Athens

In the reports that followed, Giorgos Liagas conveyed the information that he had been facing serious health problems throughout these months, while this is also the reason why he will not leave Athens in the summer!

Petros Philippidis: Complaint against actor shocking – ‘He went after girls hard, he will take revenge on them all’

Petros Filippidis: “He chased girls hard,” Iakovos Mylonas said on Friday (6/7) about the popular actor, on the occasion of the postponement of his trial.

Speaking on Your Breakfast, the actor said: “I think mistakes will be made, but you have to be prepared to own up to them. Making mistakes is one thing, committing criminal acts is another,” while adding that he had “pursued girls very aggressively and persistently, and girls and colleagues have told me that.”

“These monsters, with the rapes and attempted rapes, I had no idea that was happening, nor that he was showing up backstage with his genitals out,” he said.

In addition, Iakovos Mylonas explained what he meant by the phrase: “He pursued the girls with force,” saying: “He pursued with force, and went and rang their bells.”

What does Iakovos Mylonas say about the women who accuse the actor?

Regarding the women who accuse Petros Philippidis, he said: “Lena Drousaki and Anna Maria Papacharalambos are passing through Golgotha. The trial was deliberately postponed to exhaust the girls and make them not have the strength to fight. Petros Philippidis’ name will not be cleared, and the theater space is not a friendly neighbor.”

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Finally, he stated that the actor should stay away from the stage and that he was a coward to repeat the alleged acts attributed to him.

“He’s a coward, and he wouldn’t do it outside. He’ll use his power to do it again. He said he’ll get revenge on everyone who said bad things about him.