July 20, 2024

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Marousakis: When winter comes with snow and very cold weather

Sta In mid-January expected Winterize for good And we'll see Snow and at low altitudes, as mentioned web page Open Meteorologist, Clearkos MarousakisA long-term forecaster for the whole month.

“Hard Winter is Coming”

The meteorologist said in a post on Facebook: “We are preparing some Severe winter Intervals Come to our country that they may leave in their wake Problems in particular areas Where We are not that common Both are inside Severe cold as well as White guest!».

At the same time, he also pointed out that it is good that the drivers are equipped Non-slip chains Demand is very high when it snows.

Clearchos Marousakis' detailed forecast for the entire month of January:

January 4 – 10

During this period, the bad weather we expect from Agios Ioannis and beyond monopolizes interest, which is usually the start of subsequent atmospheric processes in the Old Continent's atmospheric cycle.

As we can see in the map above, a depression is expected to move east-northeast from the area of ​​Italy, which will affect our country as well. All this growth will bring autumnal weather, meaning we won't expect severe cold, although temperatures will be near normal for the season. We will encounter rain in many parts of our country with southerly weather dominating and snowfall associated with high mountains.

January 11 – 15

During this period, a polar wind from northern northeastern Europe is expected to move further south to reach the central parts of Europe, as it interacts with the central Mediterranean and Adriatic waters, which will again generate depressions towards the region. of Italy. Therefore, the easterly direction of these adverse weather systems, with rains in many areas and snowfall mainly in the mountains in the central and northern country, will temporarily move northwards, and the weather in our country should continue to be southerly dominant during autumn. .

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January 16 – 23

In the period mentioned above, it is very possible Our country is entering severe winter weather After Snowfall affects not only our mountains but also the lower elevations.

All this development is due to the extension of high pressure towards central Europe, which combined with depressions towards the eastern Mediterranean basin, pushing the polar air masses further south. Two strong cold waves are likely to worry our country. SelfOr it could also be the period when January shows us its “teeth”.

24 – 31 January

During this period, it appears that we move towards a general stabilization of the weather conditions after the cold waves, i.e. the zonal circulation dominates, which generally produces milder weather conditions (like alkyonides). Mercury pulls upward.

In conclusion, let us reiterate that the above analysis is only an approximation of how the weather is expected to move in the month that has just begun and is not an operational forecast.