June 19, 2024

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Martin Scorsese showed his house – like a movie studio [εικόνες]

Martin Scorsese showed his house – like a movie studio [εικόνες]

Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese appeared in a TikTok video with his daughter Francesca, a filmmaker.

In the short video, which has racked up 2.7 million views, the pair give a tour of their family’s beautiful New York home while performing a version of the popular TikTok song “I… Of Course…”.

In the fun video, Francesca begins the tour in a hallway filled with old movie posters.

TikTok of Martin Scorsese with his daughter

“We’re movie buffs – of course we have movie posters all over our house,” she says with a smile, only to be interrupted by her father, off-camera.

“Now do it again. She’s got to have more…” the 81-year-old Scorsese joked, directing his daughter as he stood hidden in a corner.

Then he gives her the direction: “You’re proud of those stickers. You’re glad you have those stickers,” hoping his daughter can say that line in a second take with more enthusiasm.

“Of course we have movie posters all over our house,” she says, exclaiming excitedly as she walks across the black-and-white marble floor.

“This is too much! Put it down, put it down. “Somewhere in between,” shouts Scorsese, unable to hold back his directorial instructions, even for his daughter. “Daddy… it’s TikTok!” Francesca says.

The TikTok video, which has already gone viral, is one of many videos showing father and daughter together in recent months — and in the process introduced him to a whole new generation of potential fans.

The light-hearted TikTok shows a completely different side of the legendary director whose films are known for their violent themes.

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But it seems Francesca influenced her father to take to social media for the public to see a different side of him.

Scorsese now runs his own Instagram account with nearly 2 million followers, where audiences can enjoy watching him at work while looking at family photos or even his dogs.

On TikTok, Scorsese continues: “We’re movie buffs — of course we have a few cameras,” and takes time to show off an old-fashioned movie camera.

“We’re movie buffs — of course we have a director’s chair,” his daughter said afterward, showing off a classic director’s chair with Scorsese’s name written on the back.

Inside Martin Scorsese’s magnificent movie house

Viewers can also see some of Scorsese’s artwork, including a framed cartoon of the Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote hanging on the wall.

They also have a movie screening room, tons of movies, and a library full of books and lots of memorabilia and photos from the movies.

The TikTok gave fans an insight into the famous director’s home decor and showed off a little of his personality when he’s not behind the camera.

Photos: TikTok

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