April 13, 2024

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MasterChef 2024: This team won the mystery box

MasterChef 2024: This team won the mystery box

MasterChef contestants faced off in a Myster Box quiz on Monday night (19/2). As is the case every week, only one brigade was able to emerge victorious.

All the dishes created by players this week were related to Cucina Povera as announced by Panos Ioannidis at the start of the challenge.

Lefteris made strategic choices and was vindicated when the Gray Brigade prevailed at Myster Box by a score of 7-3. At the same time, Elias's instinct was confirmed, as he expected his battalion to be defeated. What he certainly did not expect was that it would end any hope of Bordeaux winning the test, after his rival Kostas gave his team the winning point.

He added: “We are losing, and this is something that bothers me personally. I know clearly what I am going to vote for, and I am not confused at all. “What bothers me is that we do not give as much weight to things as we should,” a clearly disappointed Angel said in front of the cameras.

MasterChef: Move and win €1,000 in the Mystery Box

In today's test, the two best efforts went to Nikos and Tania. However, the dish that impressed all three judges and won €1,000 was Nikos Kipsidis.

MasterChef 2024 |  Who has the best dish in the mystery box today?

“I am very happy because I won €1,000 with this dish. This mysterious box had my name on it,” said the contestant who moved the chefs with the words he said about his dish that he dedicated to the Pontic Hellenism.

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