April 13, 2024

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She removed the filler from her face

She removed the filler from her face

Caterina Caignorgio made a “turn” in terms of her appearance, as she revealed that she had removed all the “fillers” from her face.

Katrina Zarifi sent a personal message and praised her beauty recently to the presenter of the Alpha program, Katerina Caignorgio, where she revealed… Radical change Which is what she did recently with her external appearance.

Caterina Caenorgio spoke publicly several times about the plastic surgeries she underwent on her face and body, while a few days ago she responded to the question. Trapper Hawk On the occasion of his statements about the standards of social networking sites and plastic surgery.

Among other things, the presenter of the “Super Katerina” program stated that she had her first plastic surgery at the age of 17, when she decided to change her nose, and then at the age of 21, she made the decision to change her breasts.

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In response to Katerina Zarifi's compliment, Katerina Caenorgiu explained that the reason she sees herself more beautiful is because she now chooses to be more natural and only do some care treatments.

“Do you know why I got plastic surgery? Because I don't do anything anymore. I'm going to go get my treatments but I've had fillers etc and I don't want anything. I want everything more natural. “So as long as you let yourself be simpler and don't start the injections, things are better.”