July 14, 2024

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MasterChef: Dimitris Bellos left – “If I can’t beat M. Lazaridou, I’d better go home”

MasterChef: Dimitris Bellos left – “If I can’t beat M. Lazaridou, I’d better go home”

One of the favorites at MasteChef of the Year, Dimitris Bellos, departed on Tuesday night.

Dimitris Bellos was finally the player to leave the MasterChef house, after a copy test against Maria Lazaridou.

The contestants were asked to replicate a particularly difficult dish, with cod fillets and onion puree.

MasterChef: Dimitris Bellos fails against Maria Lazaredo

The match judges with guest chefs Elektra Rigo and Eleni Sarante rated the contestants’ dishes, with a total of 29 points for Maria Lazaredo and only 22 for Demetris Bellos, prompting his exit.

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“I had a very good relationship with Dimitris. There was definitely tension at some point, because he had the wrong impression of me. I love him very much as a person, though, and we will definitely miss him at home and bid him farewell,” said Maria Lazaredo.

“This year I had a nicer, calmer time. A lot has gone and become so much more. I’m leaving early enough, but if I can’t beat Maria Lazaredo, I’d better go home,” confirmed the MasterChef winner. In 2020: “I hope Maria goes to the finals… and everything goes well.”

Watch the moment Dimitris Bellos leaves MasterChef

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