June 21, 2024

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Election 2023: Tsuritsia Kevala is running with Zoe Constantopoulou

Election 2023: Tsuritsia Kevala is running with Zoe Constantopoulou

Tzortsia Kevala of “Blue” is running with Zoe Constantopoulou’s “Freedom of Sailing” movement in the upcoming elections on May 21.

Georgia herself announced the announcement via a Facebook video, where she unpacked it Reasons Which led her to the decision to enter the civilized arena.

I decided so, because tired And I’ve been through a lot in the last 3-4 yearsRegarding the life of the artists, my beloved son, who “escaped” due to misunderstanding and misunderstanding, “he said at the beginning.

And because of all this, all this impatience for doing simple things and all this fatalism that we have, that demands of us We accept the positions Where we live and say ‘what do we do now, we can’t do anything, the thing is forgotten, it’s gone, it’s gone, let’s look forward, baby’. Until this I’m very tired” He said.

So she decided to act and team up “with another girl who I’m told looks a lot like me”. He explained that he was referring to Zoe Constantopoulou, to whom he dedicated warm words.

“I find it one Very nice guy, very consistent, a man of his worda very predisposed man fights Everyone else is in many, many difficult circumstances indeed.”

He noted that they have it in Plessy Eleutherias. Recruit ordinary people who want to contribute to the worknot political careerists.

“I said to meet these people. What if we put on some rock ‘n’ roll in Parliament? Do you like the idea? A little tulle and lace, brother, a little madness and ribbon? And consistency however”.

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