June 21, 2024

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“We told him he was adopted since he started speaking his first words.”

Exclusive excerpts from his interview Alexio’s bodyguard and her son Manos Theofilo in Greek Vogue magazine appeared on her programme Elenis Menegakisat noon on Tuesday 4/25.

The great Greek artist, in a heartfelt confession with Manos Theophilos, spoke on the issue of adoption.

Elaborating further, Harula Alexiou confessed to her son’s adoption: “It’s not the moment you decide, it’s the moment heaven opens and you come. The moment God hears you a child comes your way in any way. And for this child I consider the heavens opened and he came my way.” He appeared in my life with the advent of my son,” Manos Theophilos says. As for my biological parents, I have all the love in the world, what more could I ask for?”

“This is a disease of Greek society, and there are many secrets and prohibitions that are not told and that children do not know. This is something that children do not know, which makes them want to search and learn. This sincerity is not freely given to them,” said Alexio’s guard, pointing out that Manos Theophilos He was told that he was adopted since he started saying his first words..

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