April 18, 2024

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Survivor All Star Suite 4/25: CLOSED! That second immunity – the next two candidates

Survivor All Star Suite 4/25: CLOSED!  That second immunity – the next two candidates

The final and confirmed spoilers for the team that wins second immunity and the nominees to leave

Survivor All Star Suite 4/25: The Survivor All-Star marked an upward trend after the union and continued into the match with second immunity.

his realistic show sky It has entered its most defining phase. The groups live on the same beach, under the same roof, and tensions run high.

Like the one between Takis Karagounias and George Asimkopoulos.

On the battlefield thus far, the Reds have done as expected: they have won. However, they are not united. It will appear in the Tuesday episode (4/25). An episode focusing on second immunity.

Many believe that Sakis Catsouli’s team is immune. But is this true?

Survivor All Star Suite 4/25: They’re immune – next in line

I’ve already given you a spoiler about it The team that will get the second immunitybut also Who will be the next candidates to leave?.

The score so far is 6-1 for the Reds, but the Warriors will eventually respond. It is time to tell the truth about a victory of great importance.

And as if that wasn’t enough, instead of going to the board and taking one of the players out, they made a mistake and we had a draw.

So what about the candidates to leave?

the George Korome and the Evie Saltavredo

Get everything that appears the same votes and will be put at the disposal of the people to survive in Santo Domingo.

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strategy; friends? Or just… luck that happened again? Nobody knows that. However, someone may have a tendency towards the second scenario.