February 20, 2024

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MasterChef: The judges spit out the player's dish

MasterChef: The judges spit out the player's dish

She is back with a new episode Chef Friday night (02/09) with the nominated chefs invited to leave to claim their place in the all-star game.

At the beginning of the episode, a last-chance trial awaited him Nicholas Karapolisthe Fifi Zissimopoulou And the Christos Lavantari.

Each of the three candidates had to serve one plate of fried eggs, one of poached eggs, one of scrambled eggs, and one boiled egg. Nicholas ate the perfect dishes, returned to the balcony, As Fifi and Christos progress to their coming out experience.

MasterChef: Dish Copy Test

The judges then welcomed the three chefs, Sotiris Contessas, Panos Ioannidis and Leonidas Koutsopoulos, to the MasterChef kitchen. Guest Chef Harris Zioguliswho presented the two exiting candidates with the dish they would have to imitate.

the Dish Which they had to copy faithfully: language With celery puree, root vegetables, cauliflower couscous, crispy potatoes with nori and chive mayonnaise.

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MasterChef: The judges spit out the potatoes

While the board was testing the players, the judges found out Various failures In both attempts. However, in one of the two dishes, the judges – as well as the guest chef – They spit out an item, specifically a potato, because it was raw.

“I ate a whole bite of potatoes, and they weren't cooked.” Sotiris Contessas said this initially, and was replaced by Leonidas Koutsopoulos “What happened; I'm eating little bones.” “We have bad potatoes. “It shouldn't even be on the board.” The dish maker said in turn.

MasterChef: Who stayed and who left

When Sotiris Contessas asked who each effort belonged to, Turns out Christos made the mistake with the raw potatoeswhich ultimately proved fatal once the ratings were revealed, knocking him out of the competition.

Vivi collected 27 points and succeeded in staying in the match. With Christos leaving. The 31-year-old Al-Tabbakh is the second player to lose to the Gray Brigade.

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