February 26, 2024

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Nikos Hardalias: His daughter Ioana has a university degree in law

Nikos Hardalias: His daughter Ioana has a university degree in law

Nikos Hardalias is overjoyed and proud that his daughter Ioana has obtained her law degree.

Attica Regional Governor Nikos Hardalias, alongside his daughter Ioanna, was with his family, taking the oath of office at the Kapodistria National University in Athens.

In addition to her father, Ioanna Hardalia is survived by her mother, Argyro Mastrandrio, as well as her sister, Dimitra, and her stepmother, Giotas Panagiotopoulos.

Nikos Hardalias-Ioanna Hardalia/Photo: NDP Photo Agency

It is noteworthy that Nikos Hardalias had his first daughter, Ioanna, from his first marriage to Argyro Mastrandrio, and from his marriage to Utah Panagiotopoulou, his youngest daughter, Dimitra.

Ioana Hardalia with her parents, Argyros Mastrandrio and Nikos Hardalia/Photo: NDP Photo Agency

Nikos Hardalias: His daughter Ioana has a university degree

Well-known politician Nikos Hardalias was proud of his daughter, Ioanna, at her inauguration, where his family gathered.

Ioana Hardalia/Photo: NDP Photo Agency

In 2020, Nikos Hardalias gave an interview to Antonis Schröter's program “Autopsy” and noted about his family: “I have a very beautiful family and I am very proud of my daughters and my wife. I think if there is anything that I really miss, it is relaxing moments with family. Those who know I think they can answer if you are authoritarian at home. Everyone in the family has a specific role. Mine; I can say I'm probably the best in the group there.

You know how daughters relate to fathers. So I think I respect that relationship. It matters what the girls say and they wrote on my birthday too. So that they may find their princes, but I will remain the king of their hearts.”

Argyro Mastrandreou-Ioana Hardalia-Dimitra Hardalia-Nikos Hardalia-Gyota Panagiotopoulou/Photo: NDP Photo Agency
Ioana Hardalia/Photo: NDP Photo Agency
Argyro Mastrandreou-Dimitra Hardalia-Ioana Hardalia-Nikos Hardalia-Iota Panagiotopoulou/Photo: NDP Photo Agency
Giota Panagiotopoulou-Dimitra Hardalia-Nikos Hardalia-Ioana Hardalia/Photo: NDP Photo Agency

Watch the video from 2020:

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