April 18, 2024

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Meeting with farmers on Mitsotakis Tuesday

Meeting with farmers on Mitsotakis Tuesday

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' meeting with farmers will take place next Tuesday, Dimitris Tsiotras, director of the Prime Minister's Press Office, announced today.

According to regular government sources, the Prime Minister's meeting with farmers' representatives will be held at 12:00 noon on Tuesday at Megaro Maximos, when the Prime Minister will return from Belgrade on Monday. The announcement about the 10 representatives participating in the meeting is expected to be released from the farmers. Government sources said that only the announcement about the 10 representatives participating in this is expected to be released from the farmers' side.

The move comes after Makis Voritis announced yesterday that the appointment of Kyriakos Mitsotakis with the farmers would not take place on Monday, causing chaos at farmers' meetings.

Because during yesterday's conference of political teachers, government representative Pavlos Marinakis said that the Prime Minister is ready to meet the farmers from Monday.

At this time, a pan-Hellenic meeting is held in the town hall of Sintos in Thessaloniki, where they will decide who will go four-to-four with Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

They estimate that there should not be less than 20 people, because different groups and different branches of agriculture (fishermen, beekeepers, etc.) should be represented. From the side of the Thessaly farmers, it has been announced that they will meet the Prime Minister separately to discuss the memorandum they sent.


The farmers' letter sent on Wednesday (7/2) night includes nine main demands related to reducing production costs, general agricultural policy review and infrastructure projects for the country's flood protection.

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It also includes a separate appendix on the devastation caused by Storm “Daniel” in Thessaly.


“Prime Minister, on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, a Pan-Hellenic meeting of all the country's groups was held in Nice-Larissa, where our demands to the government were discussed and collectively decided.

Demands of the agricultural constituents of the country

– Reducing production costs with measures such as:

– Establishment of duty free oil in rural areas

– 7 cents/kW ceiling on agricultural electricity

– Abolition of subsidy and VAT on inputs, inputs and animal feed.

– New CAP should not be implemented and renegotiated.

– Replenishment of lost income on crops with production losses not compensated by ELGA and plant and animal products sold below cost of production. Compensation for all damages and illnesses from ELGA is 100% of the actual damage and not the insured value.

– Measures should be taken to prevent the “Hellenization” of plants, animals and beekeeping products and regulations should be implemented by the government.

– Prices inclusive of production costs, thus providing income for our subsistence and cultivation needs.

– Infrastructure projects for flood protection of the country.

Appendix on the Disasters in Thessaly

– We consider it a separate and imperative issue to announce a schedule for draining flooded villages and fields. The timing of the construction of the tunnel was necessary for flood protection of the wider area, firstly for possible Daniel-type disasters and secondly for sanitary reasons.

– We demand compensation for inundated lands and uncultivated plantations till they become productive in an amount sufficient to cover the basic necessities of life of the producers. especially Thessaly and B. Fthiotida.

– 50% advance payment for fixed equipment should be paid immediately by state aid and immediately after inspection. A final compensation of 100% of the value of the destroyed fixed capital should be made. In addition, emergency assistance of €6,600 should be provided immediately to beneficiaries who have been forced to leave their homes and rent other accommodation without rent allowances. At the same time, first aid should also be given to those who do not receive first aid. A farmer needs cash flow to meet his basic living needs.

– Final compensation prices for all crops affected by calamity shall at least cover the actual cost of cultivation (ELGA).

Suspension of CAP application in defiance of irrigation rules for non-cultivated years as well as non-cultivable or irrigated years in flooded gardens.

– Prompt disbursement of bonded aid for liquidity reasons

– We demand immediate restoration of GOEB, Municipalities, Road Network Zoning, Irrigation Network (TOEB), Electricity Network (DEDDIE) and State responsibility for inspecting and implementing flood protection and safety plans.

– We request breeders to supplement their income until their animals, their stable facilities are restored and they have a subsistence income.