July 20, 2024

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Alco Survey: Assessment of Ministers' H…

Alco Survey: Assessment of Ministers' H…

Its second part confirms the rapid mobilization of Syriza Alco Company survey It was presented Friday in Alpha's main news package.

The main opposition party (54%) is mobilizing, meaning almost one in two of its voters in national elections has now turned away from Koumoundourou.

SYRIZA's biggest losses, as expected, were recorded for the New Left (10%), PASOK (4%), which is now clearly in second place and threatens third, flirting with double-digit percentages for KKE. SYRIZA'S POSITION. The Spartans show the largest mobilization with 46%, while ND's mobilization reaches 70%, confirming the losses. Voting intention for the upcoming European elections. KKE (94%), Hellenic Solution (91%) and PASOK (85%) show the highest percentages of the march.

The main criteria for choosing a party in the European elections, 38% cite the economy, 17% social issues and 16% ideology.

Regarding the image of ministers, Nicos Dentias is considered the most successful with 32%, followed by Mr. Pierrakakis (12%), Mich. Chrysokoides (10%), Adonis Georgiadis (8%) and Kostis Hatzidakis (4%). 37% of respondents say “no” and 18% don't answer.

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