July 23, 2024

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Peasants: They entered full throttle into the heart of Larissa – overnight in the square

Peasants: They entered full throttle into the heart of Larissa – overnight in the square

Tractors from the Platycampos block entered the headquarters of the Thessaly region, specifically the central square of Larissa. The entrance was impressive as vehicles honked their horns into the city, implementing one of the decisions of a nationwide meeting in Nice by the Keller Municipality for intra-city activities.

“Our demands are still unanswered. We want to be in rural areas but the government is not helping us. We expect the meeting with the Prime Minister to be positive, otherwise we will change the opposition. If our demands are not met, the blockades will intensify,” said farmer Stathis Sithiropoulos.

A poor farmer's cry of distress

“The place of tractors is not here, it is in the fields. However, if we have two meters of water on our land, we will take to the streets to demand what belongs to us until it becomes uncultivable,” noted Dimitris Kalanis from Amigdali Agias, a farmer from Parakarlia.

Overnight in Central Square

In its call, the coordinating committee of the meeting said, among other things, “We are united by the need for affordable and quality food, while ensuring a decent income for farmers and ranchers, common sufferings on us from anti-people policies like tax checks, energy poverty. At the same time, flood-affected people step back.” We are continuing our united struggle to keep it.

Farmers were welcomed by the Labor Center of Larissa, trade unions, student unions, agencies and the Confederation of Agricultural Unions of Larissa Province, who expressed solidarity and support in their struggle for survival.

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Farmers spend the night with their tractors in the central square until Saturday afternoon.