February 20, 2024

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Severe Weather Warning: Heavy rain and thunderstorms are coming

Severe Weather Warning: Heavy rain and thunderstorms are coming

The weather is forecast to deteriorate with heavy rain and storms over most parts of the country from Sunday (11-02-24) afternoon to Monday (12-02-24) night. Extreme events starting from the northwest will gradually extend to the west, northeast mainland, eastern Aegean islands and Dodecanese islands, while some parts of the central country will also be temporarily affected.

Winds will be strong in seas and 7 to 8 and inland in the Aegean 9 at Beaufort.

More details:

A. Heavy Rain and Storms Forecast:

Sunday (11-02-24)

A. From midday in Northern Ionian and Epirus.

B. In southern Ionian, western Styria, eastern Macedonia and Thrace from late afternoon.

c. From evening in the western and perhaps southern Peloponnese.

Monday (12-02-24)

A. Events from the north weaken rapidly in the early morning over Ionia, Epirus, western Styria and western Peloponnese.

B. Events gradually weaken from early morning to midday in central Macedonia, eastern Macedonia and eastern Thrace.

c. Eastern Peloponnese, eastern Styria (including Attica) and southern Evia will be partly cloudy in the early hours. In the mornings, the Northern Cyclades may also be affected temporarily.

d. From morning in the East Aegean Islands. From late afternoon, intense effects will be confined to southern areas and will gradually weaken.

e. Dodganese from noon. Strong effects will be limited to the Kastellorizos region from night to Tuesday and will gradually weaken.

B. Southerly gale with storm from early morning on Sunday (11-02-24):

A. Intensity 7 to 8 in the Aegean and temporarily up to 9 Beaufort. From midday on Monday, stormy winds will remain confined to the Dodecanese region and gradually weaken.

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B. 7 to 8 Beaufort intensity in the Ionian Sea and gradually weakening from midday on Sunday.