May 18, 2024

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Megan Fox was photographed without makeup and they were afraid to recognize her

Megan Fox was photographed without makeup and they were afraid to recognize her

Once again, the glamorous actress Megan Fox has managed to divide her fans with a photo of herself.

The “Transformers” star decided to share with her fans a photo of herself with very light makeup, and sparked reactions from her fans in the comments.

Megan Fox, wearing a black bra and red pants, took a selfie in front of a mirror. But there were many who were afraid to recognize her, because they were not accustomed to this image of her.

One photo divided the audience

“Who is she;” Fans asked, and one user replied, “A confident woman who doesn't hide behind makeup.”

Another added under Megan Fox's post: “I thought it was Kim Kardashian,” with many admiring her natural beauty. “Love this photo. It's so real. We need more photos like this!” another user wrote.

“It's only because it's the first time you've seen her without makeup. But it's her, and she's naturally beautiful,” another added, in response to her critics' comments that it's not her.

“I didn't know who I was looking for until I saw the account name…what the hell?” Another user comments under the controversial photo of Megan Fox.

“Meghan can't do anything without people tearing her down. Do what you do, you're amazing,” was one of the voices defending the glamorous actress.

“My friend she's beautiful even without makeup,” another user commented under Megan Fox's controversial post.

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