April 19, 2024

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Meloni and Pope Francis stand against surrogacy – Makeleio.gr

Meloni and Pope Francis stand against surrogacy – Makeleio.gr

In Italy, since 2016, same-sex couples have had a cohabitation contract – a civil union – that guarantees legal protection and recognition of mutual rights and duties, just like a civil marriage.

To date, more than 10,000 agreements have been signed.
Legally, same-sex couples are not allowed to adopt in Italy.
However, there is what is called partner adoption, that is, the partner has the possibility of adopting the minor child, natural or adopted, of his or her partner.
A poll this year showed that a large portion of Italians consider the traditional family to consist of a man and a woman, while many support same-sex couples adopting a child.

In July 2023, the Italian House of Representatives voted in favor of a law classifying surrogacy as a “global crime.”
With this move, if approved by the Senate, those seeking surrogacy abroad will also be prosecuted.
It is a prominent ideological battle for the Italian right, especially the Brotherhood of Italy led by Giorgia Meloni.
In general, the positions of the Italian right are on the same wavelength as the so-called “pro-life and family” organizations.
The Italian Prime Minister herself stated in an interview in March 2023 that “children have the right to have the best: mother and father.”
In a similar vein, her speech in the presence of Pope Francis stated that “surrogacy cannot be done” and that “children are not products that one can pick off a shelf,” also affirming that “we are all born from a womb.” a man and a woman”.
Recently, at the press conference held on January 4, Giorgia Meloni answered a journalist's question about the fact that at the right-wing Atreju festival held in Rome in mid-December, the Prime Minister welcomed Elon Musk with his child born by surrogacy.

“We invited Elon Musk because he is someone who has things to say, also related to artificial intelligence. This is an invitation to Elon Musk and it will not change my position on surrogacy,” Meloni replied.
Regarding this key issue, the Italian Prime Minister clearly opposes:
“I don't think this is a defense of human life, and I don't think paying a poor woman to give birth to a child and then sell it is progress. I've always seen it that way, and I still think that way, and I'm happy if Parliament passes the law that makes it a prosecutable crime,” Even if it was committed abroad.”
For his part, Pope Francis appears to be following the same wave as the Italian Prime Minister.

On Monday, January 8, he said before the United Nations General Assembly: “The path to peace requires respect for life, the life of every human being, starting with the life of the fetus in its mother’s womb, which cannot be suppressed or be the subject of commercial exploitation.” Ambassadors accredited to the Holy See.
“I condemn the practice of so-called surrogacy, which seriously offends the dignity of women and children. It is based on the exploitation of the mother’s financial need. The child is always a gift and never the subject of a contract,” the Pontiff added, and demanded “the commitment of the international community to the global prohibition of this practice.”
Pope Francis also spoke harshly against what he called “gender theory.” [σ.σ. θεωρία κοινωνικού φύλου].

“Unfortunately, the efforts made in recent decades to introduce new rights, which are incomplete, inconsistent with those originally established and not always accepted, have caused ideological colonialism, in which gender theory plays a central role, which is very dangerous because it erases differences in Its demand is to make everyone equal.The Pope concludes that such ideological colonialism causes wounds and divisions between nations rather than promoting peacebuilding.

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