February 22, 2024

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Mesolonghi: Thriller with a “triangle” that attracts gold hunters and a deaf shepherd

Mesolonghi: Thriller with a “triangle” that attracts gold hunters and a deaf shepherd

One of the possibilities authorities are considering for Babis' murder in Mesolonghi is that of gold prospectors in the area, mainly looking for gold pounds. The 50-year-old butcher had expressed interest in buying a gold detector, though he denied any involvement in such matters.

However, as everything else in the area shows, authorities have come face-to-face with antiquities and gold hunters several times, while as we'll see below, there have been two unexplained drowning deaths in the wider area.

However, from the beginning retired Brigadier General Thanasis Katerinopoulos mentioned an ancient theft ring in the area.

The Gold Digger's Triangle

Let's take things from the beginning. The area that was the target of gold hunters practically combines three archaeological sites. Along with Calydona, Pleurona and Oniatos.

During his apology, the 50-year-old butcher said Babis, 31, was the victim of a ring of antique thieves. In fact, he said, the deceased was one of the participants in the treasure hunt.

Giorgos Anastasopoulos of the newspaper Peloponnisos, speaking to MEGA, said, “The notebook in the hands of the Messolonghi authorities is a real treasure for the prosecuting authorities. There are many names in this notebook. There are sums next to it. Some numbers have been erased, apparently they have been returned.”

For his part, Christos Dekas, head of Messolonghi's police authorities, said: “Many times complaints have been made about some pits near the churches.”

The church was built overnight to hide the excavations

A local resident recounted a story that happened four years ago on “Live News.” One night two cars stopped on a country lane and the occupants started digging.

From the excavation, according to the testimony of the resident, a box was found. Unidentified persons took the contents of the box and left the empty box, which looked rusty and looked like years old, at the spot.

Then the unknown people left the place and returned almost 24 hours later and built a small church at the place to hide the excavation.

Awakening Memories and the Death of a Deaf Shepherd

In the wider area in previous decades, there were two other deaths deemed by police to have been drownings. However, relatives of the deceased insist that these were murders.

In particular, the bodies of Vasilis Dimaras, found dead on the banks of the Evinos River in November 2016, are clearly visible. Christos Kazanas, the victim's nephew, spoke to Live News about the case.

“Vasilis was killed in November 2016. I came out because your report said the medical examiner who did the autopsy on my brother-in-law did not assault him. I have all the evidence that he was assaulted and that he was alive when he was thrown into the river. There is a bump behind the ear, a wound. As argued by our technical advisor. , there was no way that the deceased had been beaten and injured. And the blood on the scalp was congealed. There was no way that Vasilis had frozen in the water in which he was found.”He said at the beginning.

“Shortly before he disappeared, he confided to me that he wanted a pound machine because he saw some people watching. What we believe is that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone he knew pulled him out of the way. He had no reason to take off his clothes in November, what to do. ?The area where Vasilis was found is 20 minutes away from where Babis was found.”he added.

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