December 9, 2023

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Meta’s controller-free, low-cost VR plans to undercut Apple Vision Pro – Meta

Meta’s controller-free, low-cost VR plans to undercut Apple Vision Pro – Meta

Meta is strategizing how to compete with Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro by making future Quest devices cheaper and more comfortable.

according to Mark Gurman of BloombergMeta plans to release a VR headset without a controller in 2024 to reduce distribution costs. The company is also looking to improve the ergonomics of the system by making it more comfortable, without sacrificing the specifications of the Quest 4, expected in 2024 or 2025.

Meta is going through a phase of “Apple fear,” similar to what happened to many companies when the iPhone was released, a Bloomberg insider says. In response to Apple’s focus on practical uses for the Vision Pro versus the Metaverse promoted by Meta and Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s future headphones will focus on real-world applications like gaming and productivity.

While the $3,000-plus Vision Pro is aimed at professionals, the $1,500 Quest Pro and the upcoming $500 Quest 3 are clearly aimed at consumers. In order not to lose this market to Apple, Meta aims to lower Quest prices even further.

Removing the supplied controllers is one strategy, allowing buyers to use manual tracking or purchase the controllers separately. This move could significantly reduce the cost of the headset, much lower than the cost of the Vision Pro.

Meta also wants to make future missions lighter and more comfortable for extended use. But visual accuracy is still important, so accuracy should not be compromised.

Apple and Meta have different target users, but for now, the VR market is still made up of early adopters who can be influenced by either headset. To gain a foothold, Meta believes it needs a more widespread product in the market than Apple offers.

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