December 9, 2023

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Samsung wants to support Galaxy devices with updates for longer – Samsung

Samsung wants to support Galaxy devices with updates for longer – Samsung

Before the Pixel 8’s launch, Samsung was the leader in Android software support, promising four OS updates and five years of security patches.

But Google upped the ante, promising 7 years of OS and security updates for the Pixel 8. Now, Samsung is considering extending support for more than 5 years for its flagship Galaxy devices.

At the recent developer conference, Samsung engineer Shin Chul Baek said: Reported that the company Discusses extending security modernization policies beyond the current five-year period. He even clarified that the move is not a reaction to Google’s announcement, but “part of Samsung’s vision.”

Samsung currently provides timely security fixes for more than 150 Galaxy models, and updates more than 1 billion devices monthly and 10 billion devices annually. This is usually the first security update released each month by Google. The updates arrive simultaneously to the mid-range and flagship models.

While some brands promise five years of updates, they fall short of Samsung’s speed, often releasing fixes mid-month. The coordination between Samsung and Google has enabled this industry-leading rate of updates. Its devices eligible for monthly, quarterly or semi-annual repairs are listed on its own page Samsung security updates.

Samsung is also working to quickly roll out new Android builds like Android 13/One UI 5 on most devices by the end of 2022. The Galaxy S23 has already received six beta builds of One UI 6, with the stable version expected very soon, while other flagships will follow. .

Importantly, the Samsung executive only referred to security patches, not operating system updates. The company can keep all four operating system updates while providing security patches for over 5 years on new devices.

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