July 23, 2024

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Microsoft introduces the AI ​​key – the first change to the Windows keyboard in 30 years

Microsoft introduces the AI ​​key – the first change to the Windows keyboard in 30 years

Microsoft has announced the biggest change to its keyboards in three decades by introducing the artificial intelligence (AI) key.

According to information from the BBC, the new key will allow users to access Copilot, an artificial intelligence program from Microsoft, on new computers running Windows 11.

The Copilot key will be located to the right of the space bar and is the first change to the Windows keyboard layout since Microsoft added the Windows/Start key in 1994, demonstrating the company's commitment to the age of artificial intelligence.

According to the report issued by the BBC, this change will appear on consoles gradually starting in February.

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Apple, Microsoft's biggest competitor, has included a Siri button or option in the Touch Bar on Macbooks for a few years now.

Copilot helps users with functions such as searching, composing emails, and creating images.

Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Marketing, Youssef Mahdi, confirmed that it will “simplify” and “enhance” the user experience, while adding that “artificial intelligence will be completely intertwined with Windows.”

Microsoft will showcase some of its key Copilot products at the upcoming technology event CES, which starts next week in Las Vegas.

Introducing the button is a “natural step”, according to Professor John Tucker, a computer scientist at Swansea University.

Windows 11 users can already access Copilot by pressing Windows Key + C.

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“In some cases, the Copilot key will replace the Menu key or Right Control key,” a Microsoft spokesperson told CNBC.

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