December 3, 2023

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Miltos Pascalidis: I miss Thanos every day

Miltos Pascalidis: I miss Thanos every day

Miltos Pascalidis gave an interview on the Natalia Germano show today (10/29). The famous artist talked about Thanos Microtsikos, his daughters and society.

Referring to Thanos Microtsikos, Miltos Pascalides said: “Thanos was a father role model in music for me, a second father. He taught me the job differently from the beginning. I miss Thanos more than ever, because we used to talk almost every day. So I also miss it as a reference point.”

I don’t know if my daughters have radically changed me, they have taught me many things. First, they taught me patience, which I didn’t have. I don’t have either now, but when you have kids you have to be patient. There is a relative age difference between my daughters, the eldest is 15 years old and the youngest is 3 years old. My eldest daughter really loves music, she is learning music and singing, and she also sang on my records when she was younger. “The little one loves music very much, and the little one also has a bad ear, and I’m afraid she has mine,” he explained while talking about his daughters.

When asked if the world as we see it shaping up today scares him, especially as a father of two girls, he replied: “The world scares me. It is scary how violently society develops, and how little tolerance we have for each other. The fact is that fans of rival teams are killed, so you cannot tolerate the other person because he is a different color, a different race, a different gender. “People are willing to pull out a knife in order to overtake or make a mistake at traffic lights.”

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