May 22, 2024

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Mitsotakis: In Tempi, human error collides with chronic disease

Mitsotakis: In Tempi, human error collides with chronic disease

Among others, the tragedy in Tempi, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis speaks at the conference “Displacement: 50 years later” and insists that he did not intend to instrumentalize a tragedy.

Asked about the fatal Tempe train crash and the year since, he initially said:There is no harder moment for me than Tempi, For reasons you can all understand. And because all the worst aspects of state activities and sentiments are concentrated there. Justice can provide the final answers. From the moment this issue enters the mill of conflict, only justice can give the answer”, explaining that it will take time to answer all the existing questions.

Video by Kyriakos Mitsotakis:

“And Justice has a great responsibility and I believe it will rise to the occasion, though it needs a little more time to respond to the rumours. It can be toxic and corrosive and ultimately no one trusts anything. The rumor must be dispelled from the truth,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Asked what happened that night, he insisted that Greek public administration's errors and chronic syndromes collide, saying nothing more should be said while the judicial inquiry is open. “Human errors collided with chronic pathologies of public administration in Tempi, which we all know is a very complex part of Greek public systems. I do not need to say anything until the judicial investigation of this case is open. We bow our heads to the pain of people who will never see their children again. It is too much for anyone to cope with. Heavy, and don't try to tune into this pain,” he said characteristically.

He concludes with a reference to Tempy, who characterized the partisan instrumentalization of tragedy as outrageous. “The partisan instrumentalization of this tragedy is infuriating. I am sorry to say so. We have had other tragedies along with deaths, with the government machinery responsible. It never occurred to me to instrumentalize them in this way for any momentary party benefit. So, let us all step away from what is happening, let justice do its job and trust it, ” said the Prime Minister.

Mitsotakis: “We will continue reforms at the same pace”

Next, Kyriakos Mitsotakis Said about the goals of the Greek government: “In the second four-year period, we do not surprise anyone when we do what we said. We want to implement many reforms, especially at the beginning of the four-year period. The criteria of the European elections have never determined the time to implement reforms. We will continue at the same pace, he insisted, adding weight to the lost opportunities of the colonial period. Jumps must be made. Twenty years later we're still talking about public, for-profit universities. They'll be done now. Where's the ignominious political cost anyway? It's proven that society is very ready for big changes, and some people find it very difficult to implement.”

Further, For Turkey, He said: “Even with Turkey, where no government can resolve our main dispute, the arrangement of maritime zones, continental shelf and EEZ with Turkey, the way we have handled that dispute has not been very different. That is, dealing with sovereignty, the responsibility of power and the management of important national issues. “The regime is forced to face a great deal of reality. Pressured by moves we could have made, Turkey has adjusted its aggression to the point where we have no airspace violations.”

Referring to the country's foreign policy, “On the whole, the country's foreign policy since 1974, with some fluctuations, has shown a basic stability and continuity and when we were called to make difficult decisions, the reality of populism prevailed. Andreas Papandreou was elected with the slogan “Out with the bases of death” and finally a very clever “pirouette ” did and kept the sites. Until 2015, when we reached the brink of complete disaster, Alexis Tsipras did the infamous “butt flip” and Greece was kept in the EU. So, overall, realism and the country's adherence to the Western orientation finally prevailed”.

Further, He talks about his decision not to join politics in 1993 He said: In 1993, when my father lost the election, I personally decided not to join politics and I was in the private sector for ten years until I decided to join politics. This was an advantage because it allowed me to see Greece from abroad for ten years, not to be involved in active politics for another ten years, and to experience the advantages and disadvantages of the national economy through my work in the private sector.

Mitsotakis: “Andreas Papandreou nurtured early populism – Konstantinos Karamanlis put Greece in Europe”

will speak For Andreas Papandreou and Konstantinos Karamanlissaid: “Konstantinos Karamanlis restored democracy and put Greece in Europe. This legacy alone makes him, in my opinion, the most important politician of the colonial period. Andreas Papandreou was a very special personality, undeniably charismatic, who embodied the expectations of what he called the underdogs of the time. However, my In hindsight, this is largely responsible for the significant deterioration of the country's financial situation in the 1980s.

And I believe he is also responsible for developing a mindset that places more emphasis on rights than on duties. This fundamental disparity between rights and duties is a fundamental flaw in our political system. For this I believe he is largely responsible for the early populism he cultivated. Andreas Papandreou's legacy is undeniably important, in terms of social policies, family law, but also the establishment of national social security.”

“They will eventually become non-government universities. There was always the fear of political cost. The government has proved that society is ready for big changes that can be implemented,” he stressed on reforms. On violence in universities Noted: “The problem is there, but it is sometimes not as broad as it could be. Rectors have their responsibility, and many of us do not see the level of cooperation we would like on safety issues. And I think it is also the responsibility of universities to implement their own internal regulations. To do it in a university abroad, we Don't joke. Another thing to protest is that we have seen it in universities in America too, but we have not seen violence. But which university, which chancellor, has removed a student from its register? Let us tell you some facts on this anniversary. Universities are a place for dialogue, but not for violence. And this problem cannot be solved by the government alone,” he said.

Also, Bureaucracy is mentioned What is the purpose of reducing it? “I was the first to realize the mistakes that were made and we tried to correct them. With legislative interventions that corrected the weaknesses. Presenting a Greece that roughly resembles other authoritarian regimes is a funny, unfair, insulting country and does not correspond to reality. According to the rules of the European family in which we participate, the final judge of the rule of law is the European Commission, because It is more apolitical than the European Parliament.We have arrived at a system of public administration that makes a greater distinction between political superiors and the service hierarchy of public administration. Technology facilitates the citizen's interaction with the government and reduces bureaucracy».

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