May 22, 2024

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SYRIZA: 4 members resign from Central Committee

SYRIZA: 4 members resign from Central Committee

Four more members of the SYRIZA central committee resigned after 24 hours of tense situations at the party's congress.

The 4 members of SYRIZA who resigned with an announcement on social media talk about toxic situations, personal fights and strategic failures.

“We don't engage in power games. We don't engage in defeatist tactics. We don't engage in personal fights,” they say.

The post reads: After a practical pre-convention dialogue with the non-participation of the majority of our members and mainly the absence of the Association, it is very much decided to hold the 4th Convention. And the unpleasant way is the problem of our party.
A party convention is the highest political process of political production. Unfortunately, all that was sought at this conference was toxicity and division.
• We do not engage in power games.
• We do not engage in losing strategies.
• We do not engage in personal fights.

In conditions of multiple, multilevel crises. In changing conditions of geopolitical power. In conditions of worsening social inequalities and the advance of neoliberalism, this brings Europe and our country closer and closer to the threat of the far-right threat.
The only solution is to create a social and political current that provides a progressive path.
In this case we declare “now”!
We are in the next day of a broad Democratic Party reshuffle. We will support movements of understanding and joining forces.
We are not part of the problem, but we hope to be part of the solution.
We owe it to ourselves, to our generation, to our children, to society, to Greece.
With this speech we renounce our organizational qualities in the SYRIZA Progressive Alliance.

Dimitriadis Leonidas, Member of the Central Committee and Member of the Department of Economic Policy
Eleftheriadis Antonios, Member of the Central Committee, Member of the Financial Secretariat and Member of the First Prefect of Thessaloniki
Bournaris Thomas, Central Committee Member, Agricultural Policy Department Coordinator, Serres Provincial Committee Member
Papalexiou Afentoula (Efi), Central Committee Member, Secretariat Member of Labor Policy Department of KE, European Policy Department Member SYRIZA and Provincial Committee Member A' Thessaloniki
Dadoudis Panagiotis, Member of A Prefectural Committee of Thessaloniki
Kolikas Petros, Member of the Prefect of Ceres, pr. Coordinator of OM Serres
Pitsalidis Vangelis, Member of the Prefectural A Thessaloniki, Coordinator OM OASTH
Dotas Georgios, Member of the Provincial Committee of Serres
Zenas Alexandros, Member of the Financial Control Committee of A, Thessaloniki Province
Kafantaris Panagiotis, coordinating member O.M. Cato Center Thessaloniki, NE A candidate for Thessaloniki
Acrididis Constantinos, Coordinating Member O.M. Wotsi – Kalamarias, Deputy Coordinator O.M. Votsi – Calamaria
Bepsis Vangelis, Coordinating Member OM Votsi – Kalamaria
Petropoulos Thanassis, Coordinator O.M. Votsi – Calamaria
Georgios Staphylitis, a. Coordinator O.M. OATH
Tzivanis Panagiotis, Coordinating Member OM Votsi – Kalamaria