August 9, 2022

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Bolzano admits that Brazilians lived better during Lula’s time – Escompre

The former soldier, referring to the founding executives of the Labor Party, acknowledged that “people lived a little better in his time.”

Bolzano lamented that his enemies wanted to blame him for everything that was happening in Brazil. (Photo: PL)

Without naming the former president (2003-2011), far-right leader Jair Bolzano admitted on Monday that the people of Brazil lived better during the reign of Luis Inacio Lula de Silva.

In a conversation with supporters, the former soldier admitted that “people lived a little better in his time,” referring to the founding administrations of the Labor Party.

According to Bolzano, this was due to a number of issues that are now out of control.

“In his time, people lived a little better than they do today,” they say. Of course yes, I agree. He has no other problems like post-epidemic (Govt-19), ‘stay at home’, prosperous economy, war, “the former army captain argued.

Last week, Lula said she feared Bolsanaro would be arrested if she lost the October election. To date, the PT leader has been in the lead in all referendums.

“It simply came to our notice then. There is a fear of being defeated and arrested after the election, ”the former Labor leader promised in an action in Belo Horizonte, the state capital of Minas Gerais (southeast).

Respectfully, Bolzano criticized the speech and lamented that opponents wanted to blame him for “everything that happens” in Brazil.

Brazil’s Supreme Court has filed three lawsuits against House of Representatives Speaker Arthur Lira since Friday for failing to analyze demands to oust the president.

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According to a statement from Federal Supreme Court (STF) Minister Carmen Lucia, these lawsuits do not deal with the subject of dismissal applications, but if the ruler is obliged to state his position in favor of or against initiating dismissal (removal).

The cases were sent to the virtual full session on May 5 and will be heard by all the judges during the period from Friday to the 20th.

The STF should also investigate whether Lira committed any crime without sending procedures.

By law, the Lower House Chief has the exclusive right to initiate an impeachment inquiry. Lira has accumulated 143 unappreciated claims against the former broadcaster.

Political, popular and civil society organizations submitted to the so-called super-order on June 30, 2021 to expel Bolzano.

The case was to compile the arguments of the “impeachment” (political investigation) demands against the head of state who was charged with 23 offenses.

Among the crimes cited in the speech: incitement to coup, with favorable positions to close the Supreme Court and the National Congress.

Similarly, encouraging public anger against social isolation, lack of a plan to fight the Govt-19 epidemic and lies for political gain have been cited.