May 21, 2024

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Voritis: To clear the names of tempeh victims by the unknown soldier

Voritis: To clear the names of tempeh victims by the unknown soldier

Provocateur Makis Voridis demands that the names of the victims of Tempe be erased in front of the monument to the unknown soldier.

The names of the 57 people who died, – the general strike, were written in red paint on Wednesday, February 28, and were erased by a crew from the Athens Municipality in the evening of the same day, but were rewritten by students on Thursday. , during their rally against private universities – they seem to be troubling the state minister.

“Certainly, the names should not stay there and they should be removed immediately,” Mr. Voritis said.

In a radio interview with Parapolitika, Mr. “The Monument to the Unknown Soldier is a very important monument, a sacred place, and it is about those who fell during the nation's struggles. The names of the great wars we have fought are written on it,” Voritis said.

It is a monument through which we honor the memory of all Greeks who lost their lives defending their motherland. It has no place or mention for anything else there. Should a monument be built to commemorate the terrible disaster in Tempe? Let's do it. It can't be in Unknown Soldier […] It is a monument with a specific purpose.”

Of course you shouldn't…

He further said that the “names of the victims of the train accident” should not be written in the specified area.

“Of course, the names should not exist, they should be removed immediately,” he continued:

“I've never been afraid of populism, I've fought it for years and will continue to fight it. If we want to start a public debate about how to confirm and remember those who died in this terrible accident, paying respect to their memory is very different and unique. I heard that the mayor of Athens is thinking about something. , it's very interesting, in this discussion about memorial, government bodies should also be involved, but here we are discussing the unknown soldier. Nothing will be written about the unknown soldier, it will be written about the places where the nation fought, where the people died in those war efforts that the nation made to liberate itself. This is the unknown soldier. .”

Magis Voritis

“They only hit the right, not the left”

On the other hand, regarding the stance taken by parties and politicians on the conduct of judicial proceedings, the Minister of State pointed out, “Politicians should refrain from commenting on pending judicial cases. Why does the interpretation of the Human Rights Council say so? They say this so that there is no manipulation or interference in the work of judges.” said. Therefore, “I recommend that all politicians agree to exercise restraint when it comes to the actions of justice.”

Regarding the patching, he noted that, specifically, at the scene of the train crash, only one side was patched, and wondered: “If the intent was to cover up, did they only tape the right side and not the left?”

Finally, during the Citizens Resolution on Tempi, he made two findings: First, parliamentary immunity exists only for the performance of the duties of representatives. And, secondly, “When there was a proposal for a preliminary recommendation regarding breach of duty and disloyalty to (Convention) 717 and Karamanlis, Parliament rejected it.”