June 13, 2024

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Mitsotakis: Three years and seniority benefits frozen – strong message of reforms – Newsbomb – News

Mitsotakis: Three years and seniority benefits frozen – strong message of reforms – Newsbomb – News

In his speech at the DIF, the prime minister, unrelated to the previous one, Kiriakos Mitsotakis, announced major interventions in the economy. For the first time in 11 years, the three-year terms and seniority benefits have been frozen.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis from the opening of his speech at the 87th TIFAttention was focused on the major disasters of this summer in Evros and Thessaly. “What we have lost as a state and as citizens, we will build together. Without past mistakes“, said the Prime Minister politely.

Indeed, he clarified that the TIF would contain this text Different from the usual. Appeared with Mr. Mitsotakis Conflict mentality Guilds and Serious pathogens of the State, leaving aside the usual excuses of Prime Ministers in these cases. The talk started with a hint that the treatment should be changed natural disasters, In both the fields of prevention and rehabilitation, it says that cooperation is the only way forward armed forces and politics Security.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis focused mainly on demand Big changes For the country, the government insists that it does not hide or claim innocence. Then, proceed Notification of Reforms These are essential and stand out in separate sectors for Greece to move towards a modern, European country.

Among the most important announcements, in the field of economics, the A freeze of three years And Senior benefitsThis will be done for the first time since 2012 January 1, 2024Other measures were also announced at the same time.

Measures for Economy:

  • From January 1, 2024, “three years” and any Old Age Allowance suspended since 2012 will be frozen.
  • 10.5% Pay Hike in State with effect from 01/01/2024. This means almost 660,000 employees receive additional salary per year
  • In 1,340,000 declarations, the tax-free allowance increases by 1,000 euros for each child
  • Among the 200,000 ex-beneficiaries of EKAS, there is zero participation in medicines – new measures aimed at maintaining stable and reduced prices for basic commodities.
  • Continuation of “market pass” until the end of the year in Thessaly and Evros – new increase in the minimum wage from April
  • 8% increase in Minimum Guaranteed Income from December
  • Katrougalou’s “individual difference” emergency payments to those at fault, emphasis on low pensioners – new annual increase for pensioners in January – withdrawal of special tax on agricultural oil
  • Continuation of the heating allowance, with an emphasis on families with children
  • Additional provision for electricity to the most vulnerable consumers
  • Paying only one 10% tax instead of 30% surcharge on wages of working pensioners.
  • Integrating and strengthening competition among credit institutions, promoting the 5th pillar of banking and disbursement of loans from non-banking institutions
  • Abolition of self-taxation of government bonds as a new alternative savings option
  • Cut stock market tax in half
  • IRIS highlights the service of trading without bank commission up to 500 euros per day
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“Brake” on tax evasion through electronic transactions

used by the Prime Minister Strong language Against those who think so Strong and co-rule with him. “We do not co-rule with powerful people, footballers and party cronies“, he said characteristically when respectively He was also sharp on tax evasion.

declared Mandatory electronic payment In buying and selling estate and to transactions Over 500 eurosAt the same time he indicated his willingness to clash with guilds and vested interests, as well as pockets of the state that hold the country captive.

Measures to combat tax evasion

  • By spring 2024, 450,000 businesses will have their cash registers connected to POS.
  • Expansion of electronic payments across the retail market
  • Mandatory electronic payments in real estate purchases and sales, where payments are permanently cancelled
  • Digital invoices and e-books are coming
  • The digital delivery note is being implemented from January. All e-commerce data must be sent to AADE
  • Most welfare benefits are paid by credit card only
  • The fine is doubled for transactions over 500 euros in cash

“Sorry, you’ll pay for your own insurance”

with her “Conflict” mood, Then the Prime Minister started making announcements about her Improves public safety. As he noted, 2,500 policemen are withdrawn immediately from Protection of public figures They return to police stations and the streets.

«My insurance will be cut in half“, he said characteristically while commenting meaningfully “Entrepreneurs and other actors, sorry, have to fund their own insurance».

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General Safety Measures:

  • The extension of the fence up to Evros is underway and will be completed
  • By the next month, 2,500 policemen will be relieved from protecting public figures. The Prime Minister’s security has been halved. This also applies to Ministers, MPs and bureaucrats. Businessmen and other actors finance their own security
  • Through the Criminal Code’s targeted interventions, those who commit “minor” crimes that result in loss of life and property are jailed in the first instance.
  • Penalty Application. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, not to be released in 5
  • With measures such as speeding up the delivery of justice, adjournment of hearings and digitization of procedures.

Intensive reconstruction at EKAV

Mr. Mitsotakis placed particular emphasis on interventions in this regard Health. Especially for her design Radical restructuring of EKABPrime Minister spoke about 800 new employees But create a coordinating center in each region of the country.

In addition, he mentioned his work “Control Tower”, So the response time of EKAB in cities will reach 10 minutes. «These are things we did during the pandemic, and why not now“, Mr. Mitsotakis said characteristically.

Measures for Public Health:

  • 800 new ambulances and new ambulances
  • Establishing a coordination center in each region of the country
  • Creation of “Control Tower” so that instant response of EKAB in cities can reach 10 minutes.
  • 6 medical helipads for transport from remote locations.
  • Upgradation of emergency departments of 96 hospitals and 156 health centers
  • Appointment of 10,000 new health workers
  • Extension of free preventive examinations
  • 4 new hospitals
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Short term rental with hotel VAT

In addition, Kyriakos Mitsotakis is also mentioned On the issue of short-term rentals. Mr. Mitsotakis explained that this was a function that raised rents and distorted competition.

Therefore, income derived from short-term lettings of three or more properties from January will be subject to VAT and fees, which apply to hotels and rooms. He also mentioned the “My Home” project and its expansion, as well as the payment of 150 euros for youth passes for 18 and 19-year-olds.

Family, Youth and Housing Activities

  • Income from short-term lettings of 3 or more properties from January onwards is subject to VAT and hotel and room letting charges
  • “Youth Pass”, paying 150 euros to 200,000 for 18- and 19-year-olds
  • The budget of the “My House” program for citizens aged 25-39 will be doubled. 4,700 low interest loans have already been approved. The target is to buy houses for a total of 10,000 youth. With measures parallel to the roof, 150,000 citizens will eventually benefit

“Let’s Unite to Win Our Future”

The Prime Minister, at the end of his speech, said he would like to close with the words of the Nobel laureate poet. George Seferis. «I am not blind to our faults, but I have a spirit of self-belief“, lyrics used by Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

«Believe in us, the Greeks will march forward to conquer it. Rest assured that together we will succeed“, he said politely as those present at the Vellideo Convention Center applauded him.

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