May 28, 2024

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“If you leave him in Omonia he will be lost, for he has never set foot there.”

“If you leave him in Omonia he will be lost, for he has never set foot there.”

Alexis Kougia’s statements about Stefanos Kasselakis to ANT1 drew backlash, saying, among other things, that “it’s about a number” and describing him as “a despicable and dishonest person”. In response to these reactions the criminologist came back with a statement, characteristically “One is the self-created left and quite another is the self-created right.”

Among others, Alexis Gougias notes that “Stephanos Kassalakis made a big mistake and basically fixed gay culture.” He wonders, Because he put in his application as gay.

Full report by Alexis Kouya

“1.- They should read all my statements before they are appointed, if it is not for their benefit. They are available on the ANT1 website.

2.- Self-created left wing is one thing, self-created right wing is quite different.

A self-made leftist, he attended public school, elementary, middle school and high school, sat for the Pan-Hellenic exams, studied his science at a public university, and later excelled in his science, business and industry.

He has walked to his school in western Athens, or in the poor neighborhoods of Phrae, or in the various villages and towns of Greece, and when he returns home, he is not sure if he will get a plate of food.

He is by no means self-made He graduated from Athens College and is studying at a private university in the United States, His mummy is a teacher thereUltimately without his good public relations and conditions, without any guarantee, With unsecured loans, if the shipping “reverses,” he becomes the shipowner.

This is not the self-made man as our people understand him.

3.- Stefanos Kasselakis made a big mistake and basically destroyed gay culture.

No one forbids you to be gay, we have wonderful gay creatures who consider this choice as a completely natural development of their personality and rightly demand that others treat them as such, but in any case and for personal reasons – respect, but mostly respect for gay culture. They don’t mention on their CV that they are gayThat’s like an added bonus.

4.- I am Mrs. I would like to reply to AhtsioglouInstead of thanking me, I expressed this shamelessness and shamelessness because I revealed that the majority of Greek people and truly self-made Greeks have done something in their lives. The real behavior of Stephanos Kassalakis towards candidates of the real left and towards them is only to get the gay vote and tomorrow’s election process. One with this “strange” guy who, if you left him in Omonia, would get lost because he never set foot there and suddenly came to our rescue.

  1. If Ms. Akritha doesn’t address me by name, I won’t bother with her.

trueWhat has this woman done with her life?, highlight his statements that usually refer to people who have a path in their lives? What is his occupation?

I remember her having the last name of her amazing father who changed education in Greece and gave poor kids the chance to finish university alongside rich kids and honored him posthumously with his participation in PASOK governments. She got married My friend Kostas Arzoglou”.

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