December 6, 2023

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Total destruction of the railway line in Thessaly – no idea when it will reopen

Total destruction of the railway line in Thessaly – no idea when it will reopen

Bad weather Daniel’s fury destroyed railway network infrastructure in large areas of the Thessalian plain.

Athens-Thessaloniki train services have been suspended since last Thursday, and forecasts for the train’s resumption are grim, as it could be months before it is back in operation.

Tomoko, one of the most central railway stations, has 11 lines, and 11 have been completely destroyed.

The images captured by SKAI’s camera are typical of the prevailing situation.

As can be seen in the video in the background, the floor has subsided, the rails have deteriorated, and they are filled with small objects from end to end.

“The damages are very severe according to information from Domokos, Paleofersalos and Larissa, infrastructure and electrification network, infrastructure, remote control connecting systems and information. The Tempi area… there is a huge shortage of personnel in OSE, so the (rehabilitation) process is expected to be delayed,” he said. Kostas Genitonias, President of OSE Train Drivers, says:

Domokou Station is completely destroyed from the outside. But the most important, serious problem is the one created by the disasters on the lower floor, where all the machinery, all the technical offices, basically all the new remote control system is, which went into operation 2 weeks ago. .

Nothing stands, there is still too much water, everything is broken, as if a bomb had fallen

In practice, this means that even if railway tracks are built, no train will be able to pass because there is no remote control.

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More than 100 million euros in damage

According to Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Staikouras, the cost of the disasters could exceed 100 million euros.

“Infrastructure, infrastructure, railway stations, electrification systems, signal systems, even what we introduced recently seems to have a big problem. , it will come back after many months” , Mr. Staikouras said.

The images of the vandalized station master’s office at Domogos in the railway station are heartbreaking, and in fact the station master’s office, which regulates all traffic, has been completely vandalized. Computers and offices are all covered in mud.

Granonas of Larissa

Images of war in Cranona too, train tracks in the air.

As seen in the video, the damage to the railway network in Granonas, 10 km outside of Larissa, is huge, apart from the huge amount of goods transported as far as our eyes can see, some cables have also fallen, and at the same time very serious. It’s a damage, the rails are in the air, so there’s a big gap here. So, apart from the cleaning, a very strict check must also be done before a train can run here again.

According to the competent ministry’s first assessment, the damages to both the network and the remote control system will take several months to restore.