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Monday, November 14, 2022 – XAA: A new week with great interest….

Monday, November 14, 2022 – XAA: A new week with great interest….

  • The week begins with renewed interest after US indices on Friday maintained but also boosted Thursday’s impressive gains on inflation data.

Banks: The industry is starting to fall back on the old days. The only contradiction is the rejection of the alpha horse. But she is also doomed to follow. The week belonged to Piraeus who grabbed all the attention with his adorable move. In the national team, 4 is a matter of details.

  • Ministry of Health-Matil: No complaints of course. every chance they have. Big class now playing ball and without scum tangled in their feet. Few game anymore in both titles. You will find the following MSCI Department of Health review within the large cap.

energy: High turnover due to MSCI Paper being unbeaten in the stock market. What would we do without it? And what do I write? We are waiting for developments.

  • PPC: The stake has been fought so much, it justifies stopping to rest but also for profit by peddlers playing for thirty and forty cents. 6.56 was hard to beat on the first try.

energy: The paper that stands out from the rest of the idle brokerage group because it is concentrated in the strong hands of institutional and senior individuals who know its value and its future.

  • It broke the technical point at 2.94 with turnover, closed today’s high and week’s high and returned to the €3 it has seen since June. What will they tell us about the new production line at the Pejetaki factory they recently bought??? Get ready for a new surprise.
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PLATH: It collapsed on Friday after pre-arranged trading minutes after opening and closing at the highest level for the day and week. It’s hard to get past 4.20 for more than one reason. We see.

  • prima: The little computer caught fire here. 12.3 + 15.6 = 27.9 million euros. In other words, he spent 27.9 million euros to buy Buttari and Athena Hart.

Only from Botares It has 700 acres of vineyards, 30 of which are in Santorini. Its objective value exceeds 15 million euros. So you realize that his two acquisitions have been a success for them! In the stock market, someone is playing idiot on the board.

  • Furless: We have been writing for weeks that the movement has begun. It’s still pretty cheap, 3.10 is important but will break relatively easily. It has all the conditions to see the latest target price of €5.20 given by the analysis department of a major bank.

Areej: Greece is among the hottest tourist destinations in 2023, you understand. We are also talking about a company that has the most modern fleet in Europe.

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