April 24, 2024

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Morning shows will remain in place next year

Morning shows will remain in place next year

Even though it's only March, some decisions have been made regarding channels…

This year, before any other, channel executives began discussions about the next season. Competition, TV's “time is money” philosophy, causes decision makers to “lock down” their strong faces as well as the programs that give them high ratings.

In the morning area the interest is great! In MEGA, things may still be fluid and it has not been decided whether the current format will continue or whether Vai Scorda will finally cross the station's threshold, but things have been set in motion on the other channels.

On his forehead Ants1the George Liagas Naturally stays in place. With the motto of the team that succeeds does not change, the broadcaster will continue his infotainment magazine with Fotini Petrogianni, Tasos Tergiakis, Ariya Kalivas so as not to “shake it”! The host is one step away from renewing his contract, as the numbers are consistently good and the first places overall belong to them.

The same thing will happen to ALPHA. Both Stamatina Tsimtsili and Katerina Kenorghiu They will remain loyal to their position. The channel has established a strong territory with “Happy Day” and “Super Katrina” capturing the dynamic audience, so there is no reason for changes. In the case of the blonde host of the 10.00-13.00 zone, we will likely see small additions to the team.

STAR is having one of its best years yet, with a morning ascension. Eleni Hatzidou and Eteocles Pavlou together with “Breakfast@STAR” build a relationship of trust with the audience, loyal to their lifestyle philosophy. The decision makers have stated that they are very happy so far, considering the fact that the pair are listening and learning while deftly handling the issues and what could happen on air as a huge advantage.

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As for Skye? The first information wants Valero to return to a purely media area. Final decisions will be made after Easter and developments will certainly be hot!