April 19, 2024

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There's a very useful feature coming to Google Wallet!

There's a very useful feature coming to Google Wallet!

Very useful post Google Walletas the American technology giant announced via His official website. Specifically, the digital wallet for Android phones now You will discover and you will Adds automatically Movie tickets and boarding passes for flights.

Naturally, this feature is directly related to Gmail. Google Wallet will recognize and add the relevant authorizations, without requiring any user action, only when the relevant confirmation arrives in their Gmail account. Initially, most global cinema chains will be supported, as well as major airlines, but Google confirms that it is actively working on improving support for this feature.

At the same time, the application has been enriched with another very useful function. Users can now move cards/passes/tickets to the archived list And Manually. In the past, cards were transferred to the relevant department only after their expiration date.

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