April 24, 2024

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Mourning for Philip in the Land of Olives in 4 images in the last photo session and despair

Mourning for Philip in the Land of Olives in 4 images in the last photo session and despair

Devastated Nikos Galanos and Giorgos Bartsalakis and filming with the entire cast in the Land of Olives.

While it seems that way until the last moment of it Land of olives That Haido will be found guilty of Favia's death in the end George Bartsalakis Lycurgus and her cannons will also save her at the last moment. But this means the beginning of the end for her son Philip. For the first time, we see footage of his funeral, with all the actors mourning in the Land of Olives. This is an important moment in the episodes we will see before Easter. This is the first frame and more to come.

All in black and Vasiliki's lament for the man of her life

Full body, all actors in it Land of olives Two days ago they said goodbye to their beloved Filippo W Dionysus Papandreou Its final run took place after three years in the series.

First we saw Iannis Kritikos, Giorgos Angelopoulos and Alexandros Martidis, that is, Botis, Orestes and Giorgis in their final farewell. See the photo carousel.

Naturally, the person who would be destroyed would be Lycurgus, because he had a child with him. It is very difficult to console Hado.

Of course the tragic face of this entire episode will be Iphigenia Zola as Vasiliki. She loses the man she loved, the father of her child, even as they regain their balance, after their recent disagreements. This will be one of the most poignant scenes of her desperation. Having her father Stathis by her side.

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How will we reach the end? The joy after the hell is cleared will turn into agony. The last conversation between Panagiotis Favios and the victim's brother is that he will take revenge on her. He actually managed to threaten Philip. Suddenly he will be on his way and receive the final shot. But his body has been missing for several days.

Everyone thinks he wants to hide for a while after the trial (he said this in Vasiliki too) but they will understand later that this did not happen. Coracus, with the help of Orestes, will begin investigations and they will be the ones to undertake the sad task of telling Hado. He told her that her second child was also killed.

You will see that he will not be able to bear it. At the last moment Lykourgos will stop her from attempting suicide. He asks her to be strong for her granddaughter as well as for her daughter-in-law Vasiliki. This will do. No matter the difficulty.