June 19, 2024

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MrBeast has just broken a huge YouTube record

MrBeast has just broken a huge YouTube record

Its peak Youtube It has just been officially changed. Specifically, mr MrBeast I finally got it T series In terms of number of subscribers. Now it’s official Record the channel that has the most subscribers. Currently, MrBeast has 267 million subscribers, surpassing T-Series’ 266 million subscribers.

The huge rift between MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, and T-Series, the Indian music and film production company, has long been a topic of discussion on social media. In fact, it all started when MrBeast actively supported PewDiePie in his 2019 battle against T-Series, which ended in disgrace for the creators, as T-Series actually became the first YouTube channel to ever reach 100 million subscribers.

But in recent months, the gap between the two channels has narrowed rapidly. MrBeast’s channel has been growing at an impressive rate, averaging about 296,000 new subscribers per day, while T-Series has gained about 66,000 subscribers per day. The development trajectory has put MrBeast in a position to finally overtake the T-Series by mid-2024, and that prediction has now become a reality.

It should be noted that T-Series also responded to MrBeast’s meteoric rise in April 2024 by asking its fans to sign up to help maintain its progress. Despite their efforts, MrBeast’s interesting content and large-scale charitable projects led to a significant increase in the number of its subscribers, which eventually allowed it to overtake the Indian entertainment giant.

Commenting on the event, Jimmy said:

After 6 years, we finally get our revenge on Pewdiepie

Below you can see how the list of channels with the largest number of subscribers on the well-known Google platform is now formed.

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The ten most subscribed channels on YouTube:

1. Mr. Beast – 267 million

2. T Series – 266 million

3. YouTube movies – 181 million

4. Cocomelon – Children’s Songs – 176 AD

5. Set India – 173 AD

6. Diana’s Baby Show – 122 Months

7. Music – 121 AD

8. Vlad and Niki – 118 million

9. Like Nastya – 116 million

10. PewDiePie – 111 million