July 23, 2024

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MrBeast revealed how much money he made from the video on X

MrBeast revealed how much money he made from the video on X

MrBeast believes that the X platform did not generate enough advertising revenue for content creators and that is why he did not upload his videos there. But he decided to experiment by uploading an old video of himself to X, and now he's back with the result announced.

So he revealed that his video, which had 160 million views on X, brought him nearly 160 million views. $263,000. Although the amount is considered satisfactory compared to other platforms, scientist Jimmy Donaldson indicated that the number is hypothetical.

Advertisers saw the attention I was getting and bought ads on my video (I think), so the revenue per view is (probably) higher than anyone else would experience.

He also said that he would divide the $250,000 into 10 “Random people“.

For your information, the video that MrBeast uploaded to X was uploaded to YouTube in September 2023, where it received 160 million views. According to the analysis, a MrBeast YouTube video could generate up to $1 million in revenue over time.

Video on But analysts do not believe that these numbers apply to everyone.

This was a one-off by the biggest YouTuber on Earth and has attracted international media attention. I don't think any other creator who gets 1% of these impressions can make 1% of this money. – Dave Weskus, CEO of Nebula