June 13, 2024

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Ms. Mitsotakis to CNBC: I am concerned that the political crisis in the United States will have an impact on Ukraine

Ms. Mitsotakis to CNBC: I am concerned that the political crisis in the United States will have an impact on Ukraine

“I’m worried about that political status Currently in the United States Not clear. I’m waiting for the situation to finally be resolved. to support United States of America It is of great importance in enhancing its defensive ability Ukrainian I expect this problem to be resolved. He added: “This political crisis will be resolved sooner or later.” Prime Minister Kyriakos MitsotakisThis was in an interview with the American network CNBCon its margins European Political Community meeting in Granada.

About whether it is possible to start Accession negotiations with Ukraine in Moldova Mr. Mitsotakis appeared positive. “Yes, I think it is possible. As you know we have a strict process regarding enlargement. Enlargement is on the EU agenda, and the process is determined on the basis of the assessment that is determined while we wait for the opinion of the European Commission until the final decision is taken in December and of course while the enlargement is discussed.” , which has now become a realistic possibility, and we must make sure that we get our “house in order”, that is, make sure that we have a European Union that is prepared to welcome new members who will streamline decision-making and who will ensure that important financial instruments are maintained to support all Member States.” .

“Of course it is about financing but also about decision-making, although I would say that simplifying the decision-making mechanism is already being discussed before we open our doors to welcome new members,” the Prime Minister explained.

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He emphasized: “We are already having complex discussions on the multiannual financial framework and we are already having difficult discussions on the Stability and Growth Pact and the fiscal rules that determine how we set our budgets and finances.”

“These are the short-term challenges we have before us, but as we move forward to define and agree our new strategic agenda for the next five years – this will happen next year – we will work to further enrich the negotiations,” the Prime Minister explained. CNBC.

“This will also be a topic of discussion with European elections Because ultimately, the legitimacy and popular support of these changes will be very important, but these decisions will be made in the next cycle. Before we get to that point, we must agree on the multiannual financial framework and new governance rules. These matters must be agreed upon before the European elections,” concluded Mr. Mitsotakis.